“I look at them like cancer”: Boxing star Adrien Broner reveals what could potentially cause his death

Due to his struggles with mental health and much more. The former four-division world champion Adrien Broner has been totally absent from the boxing scene for more than a couple of years. But, after signing with promoter Don King, the fighter has been teasing his return to the ring, albeit with a few caveats.

Adrien “The Trouble” Broner recently talked about the challenges he encounters while trying to get well on Instagram. He admits that his biggest challenge has been fighting against himself and his vices, which he likens to cancer. Although he can cut them out, they can always come back more potent than before and cause the death of his talent or even his own physical demise.

Adrien Broner

Adrien Broner and his Battles: Overcoming Vices and Fans’ Mixed Reactions

The combatant continued by listing his vices, which included gambling, the temptation to engage in sexual activity and alcoholism. He acknowledged that he couldn’t work on himself until he took accountability for these weaknesses.

He expressed regret to his trainer, promoter, and supporters while pledging to put in additional effort to “live or die” with boxing. Broner’s candid post evoked mixed reactions from his fans. Many expressed their solidarity with him and their fresh admiration for his willingness to accept accountability for his deeds.

However, some were less forgiving and felt that he should focus on getting back in the gym instead of humiliating himself publicly. No matter what viewpoints are held, it’s hard to dispute that Broner has been working hard to regain his former self.

Not just Adrien Broner but other fighters too have struggled with addiction and mental health issues. Prizefighters like Oscar De La Hoya and Mike Tyson have been pretty open about their battles with substance abuse, depression, and crippling anxiety.

The Brutal Truth: The Demands of Boxing and the Importance of Empathy and Support for Fighters’ Mental Health

As fans of the sport, it’s essential to understand and empathize with the struggles that fighters like Broner face. It is definitely not so easy to admit your shortcomings, especially in such a public forum.

But it’s absolutely crucial for individuals to seek support if and when they need it. Mental health issues and addiction are not weaknesses, but illnesses that require proper care and attention.

Both inside and beyond the ring, boxing can be a cruel and harsh sport. But fighters can overcome most challenges and emerge stronger than ever with the right attitude, support network, and willpower. We hope Adrien succeeds too.

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