“I don’t think he will have no problem”: Adrien Broner picks Gervonta Davis over Ryan Garcia expecting competitive bout

Adrian Broner has announced that he is supporting Gervonta Davis to win his next fight against Ryan Garcia. strongly support the Former four-division world champion Broner opened up about his highly anticipated bout in an interview.

Broner’s comments about the Davis-Garcia match come after the two fighters engaged in a verbal battle on social media, with both claiming they would win. On July 29, 2023, The match, takes place and is expected to be one of the biggest boxing events of the year.  

Davis, a former two-division world champion, has a professional record of 26-0, including 24 by KO. On the other hand, Garcia’s professional record is 21-0, including 18 wins by KO.

Adrien Broner picks Gervonta Davis as the winner

Broner backs Davis. He admitted that Garcia is a tough opponent and shouldn’t be underestimated. However, Broner believes Davis has the advantage because he has better strength and skill. Broner thinks that it’s going to be very competitive in the beginning. Then again, Davis will reclaim control as the fight unfolds, as the rounds go on, Tank is going to close his distance. ‘Tank’ will start touching on Ryan and get the job done.

“Tank got the defense to where he ain’t gotta let Ryan hit him. He’s really that talented to where he’s got that defense to where he don’t gotta let Ryan hit him.”

Where will Ryan Garcia lose the fight?

Broner also pointed out a weakness in Garcia’s game plan. He said that Garcia always gets hit with straight left hands, almost all the time. If Tank lands that left hand like that it might be “goodnight, Irene” for Garcia.

Having said that, Broner claimed that he was close with both. Then again he also said that he was closer to Tank. He confessed. “I just think Tank got what it takes to beat ‘em all at that weight, honestly.”

Broner backs Davis to win his next fight against Ryan Garcia. The highly anticipated match between the two fighters is set to be one of the biggest boxing events of the year. Both will look to claim the top spot. Broner prefers Davis for his superior strength and skill, even though he recognizes Garcia’s abilities. 

Do you agree with Broner? Who will win this fight? Let us know if you are supporting Davis or Garcia.


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