“It’s gonna be down”: Deontay Wilder’s bold speculation on Ryan Garcia against Gervonta Davis pay-per-view

Deontay Wilder, the former WBC heavyweight champion, recently weighed in on the Ryan Garcia Vs Gervonta Davis bout. Bringing up that fight, he spoke out against the piracy of pay-per-view events in boxing.

Piracy has been a longstanding problem in the world of boxing. The rise of streaming platforms has only made it worse. It is, without a speck of a doubt, easier for fans to access pirated content now. The pandemic exacerbated the issue more. With easier access, fans now prowl around the internet for free streams.

Some fans argue that pay-per-view events are hard on their pockets. They incline towards pirated content because that provides an accessible alternative. However, Wilder and others believe that piracy hurts the sport by reducing revenue and discouraging promoters from investing in high-octane matches. Without the financial revenue generated from pay-per-view purchases, it becomes increasingly difficult for fighters to earn a living wage. So it does for the promoters to work towards the best possible events.

The former champ is not happy about piracy

In an interview with Behind The Gloves on YouTube, Wilder expressed his concern about the impact piracy has on the sport, and the livelihoods of fighters who put their lives on the line.

He urged fans to support the sport by purchasing pay-per-views. He also called upon the fans to arrange watch parties at their own convenience and pay for the events. While some may argue that piracy is inevitable in this era, Wilder’s message highlights the importance of supporting the sport. He asked the fans to think about the fighters who risk their lives for our entertainment. Wilder’s passionate plea for fans to stop pirating pay-per-views has sparked a debate in the boxing world.

The impact of piracy on the revenue of fighters and promoters cannot be overstated. High-profile matches require considerable investment from promoters. Needless to say this includes the payment of fighter purses, marketing, and production costs. If piracy continues to reduce revenue streams, it may become increasingly difficult for promoters to justify investing in these types of events.

Deontay Wilder
Deontay Wilder is worried about piracy in boxing

Deontay Wilder feels piracy will be the reason for downfall of the sport

Furthermore, piracy hurts the overall growth of the sport. If revenue streams are reduced, it becomes harder for fighters to build their careers and for new talent to emerge. The sport becomes less attractive to investors, who may choose to focus on other industries with greater financial returns. Wilder was specifically worried about this, While discussing the Garcia-Davis bout, he brought up this issue saying, “That’s why the numbers are so down and it’s gonna be down because everybody is stealing, you know what I mean.”

While piracy is a complex issue that cannot be solved overnight, there are steps that can be taken to reduce its impact. This includes increased enforcement of copyright laws and the use of technology to prevent illegal streaming. However, ultimately, the best way to combat piracy is for fans to support the sport by purchasing pay-per-view events and showing their appreciation for the hard work and dedication of the fighters.

Regardless of the debate, piracy is a significant issue in the world of boxing, with grave implications for fighters, promoters, and the growth of the sport. While piracy is a complex issue, the best way to support the sport and its fighters is to purchase pay-per-view events. That is how Wilder feels. That is how Wilder wants the fans to show appreciation for their hard work and dedication.

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