UFC 278: Amidst WWE deal Gilbert Burns exclaims to “slap” Brock Lesnar as payback for Daniel Cormier

Gilbert Burns, UFC welterweight contender is eager to seek revenge for Daniel Cormier. As he gears up for his upcoming fight against Jorge Masvidal at UFC 287. While both fighters have expressed their hopes to secure a title shot, Burns has his sights set on a heavyweight clash against former UFC champion Brock Lesnar. During the UFC 287 media day, Burns called for his chance to avenge Cormier by slapping Lesnar, who had shoved Cormier during his post-fight interview at UFC 226.

Gilbert Burns UFC Welterweight

Prior to their upcoming fight on Saturday, both fighters have expressed their desire to earn a title shot. However, it appears that the Brazilian fighter has set his sights on a different opponent, as Gilbert Burns revealed during UFC 287 media day that he’s interested in a heavyweight bout against Brock Lesnar, rather than pursuing a championship opportunity.

During the event, Gilbert Burns expressed his desire to physically confront the former UFC champion as a result of his altercation with Daniel Cormier. At UFC 226, after “DC” secured a knockout victory over Stipe Miocic in the main event, Brock Lesnar entered the octagon and proceeded to verbally attack both fighters before shoving Cormier.

Gilbert Burns

Gilbert Burns Seeks Revenge Against Brock Lesnar for Shoving Daniel Cormier at UFC 226

The highly anticipated heavyweight title bout between Cormier and Lesnar never materialized, leaving Cormier unable to retaliate against Lesnar’s shove. During UFC 287 media day, Gilbert Burns voiced his desire to seek revenge on behalf of Cormier by slapping Lesnar. It’s worth noting that Burns’ comments came shortly after the UFC and WWE announced their merger, following Endeavor’s acquisition of the latter.

Gilbert Burns vs Colby Covington UFC 2023
During UFC 287 media day, Gilbert Burns expressed his thoughts on the potential benefits of the UFC and WWE merger, stating that both companies could assist in improving their respective markets. Additionally, Burns joked about the opportunity to slap Brock Lesnar in the face, citing his desire to avenge Daniel Cormier.

Burns clarified that he has never met Lesnar, but firmly believes that Lesnar should not have pushed Cormier during his post-fight interview in the octagon. Burns stated “I think we can learn a lot from the WWE and vice versa. There’s also a good opportunity to slap Brock Lesnar in the face right? It’s a good opportunity”


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