“He helps the guys he shares the octagon with”: UFC legend Daniel Cormier applauds Conor McGregor prior to his 10th anniversary with UFC

Conor McGregor joined the UFC in 2013 and has since established himself as one of the most prominent figures not only in the UFC, but across the entire MMA community.

As he approaches his 10th year of competing in Dana White’s promotion. McGregor’s remarkable rise to fame was acknowledged by UFC Hall of Famer Daniel Cormier during a recent episode of ESPN’s ‘DC and RC Show’.

Conor McGregor

After completing the filming of the 31st season of ‘The Ultimate Fighter’. Conor has been juggling multiple projects, including his debut Hollywood movie ‘Road House’.

Currently, he is preparing for his UFC comeback fight against Michael Chandler by training at Big Bear in California.

Conor McGregor was lauded by Daniel 

DC commended the former UFC double champion for his ability to capture the public’s attention, which played a significant role in the rise of MMA’s popularity.

Cormier acknowledged that McGregor’s influence not only elevated his own career but also that of two of his friends who fought against him.

He said, “He [Conor McGregor] has elevated two of my best friends.”

Cormier noted that Khabib and Dustin gained considerable prominence following their respective bouts against McGregor in the octagon.

DC said, “He [McGregor] has elevated Khabib [Nurmagomedov] to a megastar. And he has elevated Dustin Poirier to a level of stardom that Dustin never could have imagined getting before. So not only does he [McGregor] help himself. He helps the guys he shares the octagon with, especially the ones that could beat him.”

‘Notorious’ has secured the title of the world’s highest-paid MMA athlete.

Given his stature as the biggest name in MMA. It’s reasonable to assume that Conor earns considerably more than his fellow fighters.

Conor McGregor and Dana White

In fact, a recent report by ‘Sportico’ disclosed that the former double champion has amassed a staggering $615 million in earnings over the course of his MMA career.

McGregor is presently ranked 33rd on the list of the top 100 highest-earning athletes. With NBA legend Michael Jordan leading the pack with earnings exceeding $3.3 billion.

Conor’s fortune is not solely derived from his MMA endeavors. But also from his highly publicized bout against Floyd Mayweather and the sale of his Proper 12 whisky label.

At 34 years of age, McGregor doesn’t seem to have any plans of retiring from the UFC in the near future, as per recent reports. What are your own views on Cormier’s appraisal of Conor?

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