“He wants to fight Jake Paul instead”: Logan Paul’s ex rival slams “ducking” accusations, after exposing the real reason

Logan Paul has made some serious accusations against former UFC fighter Nate Diaz for not finalizing a boxing match deal with him at the very last moment. However, Logan’s boxing rival and business partner KSI has dropped a potential reason why Nate didn’t show interest in fighting the senior Paul brother.

What did KSI have to say about the Logan Paul vs Nate Diaz fight? 

Logan Paul in a recent interview with Ariel Helwani has talked in detail about his boxing career. Even though the former Youtube/Vine star is now more interested in wrestling, the 27-year-old is still hoping to fight UFC veteran Nate Diaz

Maverick fought against fellow YouTuber KSI in two of his professional boxing bouts which he failed to win. Now, KSI has shared his opinion regarding why Nate did not sign up the contract. According to the YouTuber-turned-boxer, the MMA fighter is more interested in the junior Paul brother. 

“I bet you he wants to fight Jake Paul instead lmao,” KSI said.

KSI’s claim makes sense absolutely because The Problem Child made the decision to step up his combat sports game by entering the realm of mixed martial arts. Earlier this year Jake signed up a deal with the Professional Fighters League. The first fighter Jake showed interest in participating was none other than Nate Diaz. 

The fight between Logan and Diaz is now less likely to happen. Even though KSI is a close associate of Logan, the British YouTuber holds grudge against Jake. So it is safe to assume KSI would be highly interested to witness how his rival does against a highly experienced MMA fighter. 

Jake, however, has proved himself against Anderson Silva so consequently, the YouTuber-turned-boxer probably wouldn’t hesitate to lock a deal with Nate. An interesting fact is Nate enjoyed Jake beating The Spider sitting from the gallery which also indicated the welterweight striker is more into Jake than Logan. 

Who do you Nate Diaz will eventually fight if he actually decides to take on the Paul Brothers? Share your thoughts and predictions with us in the comment section.

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