“He’s not LeBron“: Gregg Popovich gives an honest assessment of Victor Wembanyama

French giant Victor Wembanyama is anticipated to join a long list of San Antonio Spurs superstars. Wembanyama is under tremendous pressure to live up to the expectations and fulfill all of the demands that have been made of him by Duncan and Robinson.

Gregg Popovich stated last weekend that he does not want Victor to try to live up to the expectations of someone who came before him, but rather that Victor should simply establish his own character.

Spurs HC wants Victor Wembanyama to be himself

Legendary figures from the team and the game itself have emerged with Victor Wembanyama’s signing by the San Antonio Spurs. On Friday, Wembanyama dined with franchise aristocrats and posted a photo to social media that Spurs supporters would undoubtedly treasure for years to come.

Wembanyama tweeted that he “couldn’t ask for greater role models” as he stood over ‘The Admiral’ David Robinson, ‘The Ninja’ Sean Elliott, ‘The Big Fundamental’ Tim Duncan, and ‘The Magician’ Manu Ginobili in a group photo.

Gregg Popovich, though, stated to the media last weekend that he simply wants Victor to discover his own disposition rather than attempt to match up to a person who went before him.

“It is about expectations. It’s about not skipping steps, which I say often. It’s A to B to C to D in a variety of levels,” stated coach Pop. “Because of all the hype, he’ll have a target on his back… so more than Os and Xs to begin with, we’ll be mostly interested in setting a framework and an environment where he’s comfortable, where he can be Victor.

He’s not LeBron or Tim or Kobe or anybody else, he’s Victor and that’s who we want him to be.” After a few years in the tank, it didn’t take the Spurs long to find their footing once more with Victor Wembanyama, but nobody knows how quickly this reconstruction will be over.

Popovich eases expectations on the 19 yo

Even if Wembanyama starts out well, not every expert is certain that the change will be smooth. The Spurs do not want Wembanyama to become a basketball legend like Kobe, LeBron, or any other player, despite the fact that he has been called the best prospect since LeBron James. Victor Wembanyama’s unheard-of mix of stature, versatility, mobility, and skills inspired ‘King’James to refer to him as an “alien.”

Though he hasn’t played a single second in the NBA, almost everyone is confident that he will go down as one of the all-time greats. The San Antonio Spurs should immediately become better on both ends of the court with Victor Wembanyama.

Gregg Popovich, the head coach and president of basketball operations, is anticipated to enlist veteran assistance to help the French sensation adjust to life in the NBA.

Victor Wembanyama

The first overall pick in the draught told the reporters that he would rather play power forward and team with a center. As of right now, the Spurs’ middle players are Khem Birch, Zach Collins, and Charles Bassey. The Spurs are in a wonderful position to sign free agents to strengthen various rotational positions.

No matter how Popovich uses Victor Wembanyama, the San Antonio Spurs should play far better than they did the year before.

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