Hours after congratulating countryman’s NBA bonanza, Kylian Mbappe’s $250 Million heist plot gets exposed

Kylian Mbappe is arguably one of the biggest names in soccer in the world currently. But as is common with superstars of his caliber, rumors and controversies surrounding him seem to trend quite frequently.

We saw many great players who at a very young caught the eyes of people around the globe with sensational skills, delightful touches, and splendid dribbling. Before Mbappe we saw Pele, Ronaldinho, Messi, Ronaldo, and many others who came and shocked the world.


Mbappe congratulates Victor Wembanyama on a historic NBA move

At a very young age, Mbappe became the World Champion with France. Mabappe’s dream is to be number 1 like his idol CR7. To be the number one he may have to leave the capital city of France. Many rumors are recently spreading in the market that Mbappe could join Madrid this summer but he stated a few days ago that he will stay in the capital city for next season.


Athletes across sports are often seen appreciating and supporting each other through thick and thin.

Now, French talisman Mbappe did the same for Victor Wembanyama in his historic transfer to San Antonio Spurs. The French Basketball player becomes the no 1 pick of the NBA draft. 

The 19-year-old NBA star achieves his dream and Mbappe sends a heart-touching message to his fellow countrymen. The French man’s good-luck wish had also carried good news= as he might move to Madrid on a big deal. 

Mbappe wants Real Madrid move along with PSG loyalty money

Mbappe is a long-time target of Florentino Perez. Even in the last summer, he tried to get the signature of Mbappe on Madrid’s contract paper, but the deal collapsed in the end.

Mbappe’s mother and his agent had a discussion with the club’s president and cleared their intention that they want a price tag with the money Mbappe deserves. However, the task and situation are quite complicated.

The amount they want is a yearly salary of Mbappe’s 60 million euro along with 90 million euros of loyalty money as discussed in last year’s contract in May.  

Mbappe is planning to get a total salary of 150 million euros as per the contract and then join Madrid from the 1st of January. It is quite clear that neither Mbappe nor his mom wants to lose such a big amount.  

Recently news came from the source that Mbappe could join Madrid on a 250 million euro deal this summer. Mbappe already confirmed that he has no intention to extend his stay at the French capital which clarifies his intention to join Bernabeu next summer. 

His contract is going to expire next summer after that he will become a free agent. PSG may try to extend his stay at the club if they fail to do so Mbappe will leave the French capital as a free agent which could be a huge loss for them.

Will the French superstar join Madrid this summer on a huge transfer deal or will leave the club next summer as a free agent? Share your opinion about this transfer saga, in the below comment box.


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