How much of Hornets Michael Jordan really own with other key stakeholders? Uncovering the ownership structure of the NBA franchise

The five-time NBA MVP Michael Jordan is reportedly in serious talks to sell the majority of his Charlotte Hornets stake to two New York-based investors.

Jordan’s ownership period did not go well, as the Charlotte Hornets have struggled to put it all together over the past decade. In his 13 years of ownership, the team has reached the postseason only twice, the last time being in 2016.

Michael Jordan

The NBA Hall of Famer played for the Chicago Bulls before listing his name as a franchise owner. The Bulls used to dominate at his time, and he won six titles with the team, so while MJ took over the Charlotte team, fans’ hopes for a similar shear force of dominance grew, yet they were left unsatisfied with disappointing results.

Will Charlotte Hornets see the end of the Michael Jordan era?

Adrian Wojnarowski, a senior NBA source for ESPN, reports that Michael Jordan is seeking to transfer the majority ownership of the Charlotte Hornets to Gabriel Plotkin, the founder of Melvin Capital, and Rick Schnall, the founder of D1 Capital.

Jordan bought a minority ownership of the Charlotte Hornets in 2006. The six-time NBA champion took control over the bulk of the franchise in 2010 for a $275 million deal, making him the only African-American team owner in the league.

How much of Hornets does Jordan own with other stakeholders?

The former NBA superstar sold a 20% stake from his 97% ownership of the Hornets to the franchise’s minority owner Gabe Plotkin and the Atlanta Hawks’ minority owner Rick Schnall three years ago in 2019. Reportedly, Jordan gained approximately $300 million from the sale while giving the Hornets a current value of $1.77 billion.

Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan, the owner of the Hornets.

The reason and the percentage of the sales are still unclear. After selling a 20% stake in 2020, Jordan now owns 79% of the franchise. To relinquish the majority ownership, he must sell a minimum of 31% stake in the team. Although many fans are pointing toward the failure of the Hornets, the actual reason for MJ’s decision remains a mystery.

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