How much will cost for Saudi Tycoon to watch Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappe, Neymar vs Cristiano Ronaldo friendly match during PSG vs Al-Nassr/Al-Hilal-Riyadh All-Star XI?

Who wouldn’t want to see a Lionel Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo matchup with all the biggest players of the world sharing the same field? But if we flip the question and ask how much would one pay to see the rivalry, many reasonable fans would start scratching their heads. A Saudi Tycoon, of course, does not go by the rules of the books of an average person rather he has his own way of making the rules.

Saudi Arabia once a country in the desert not only houses some of the tallest and luxurious most edifices in the world but also never ceases to regularly organize big entertainment and sporting events. Saudi’s King Abdullah Sports City stadium houses WWE events at regular intervals every year. Now, some UFC and other MMA Promotions have also found their way into the Kingdom.

Qatar, a neighbor of Saudi, days ago hosted the biggest footballing event back in 2022 and now Saudi is hosting one of the biggest football matches in their history as the big stars will collide. Rumors are Cristiano Ronaldo’s joining the Al- Nassr club alone made history in terms of viewership as more than 4 Billion enjoyed the program beating the world cup final that fell shy of just 4 Billion.

Now, they are up for an even bigger clash as the two main stars of The 2022 world cup final will be there not only that there will be other Brazilian and Portuguese bests in the match as Neymar and Ronaldo will also play in the all-star match between PSG and a combination of players from Al Nassr and Al Hilal. The match is super demanding. Reports are that a Saudi Tycoon went on to spend more than just a million dollars to enjoy the match.

PSG will also pocket $10 million from the high-voltage clash which will lessen their thoughts regarding the current economic crisis the club is undergoing. Reports are that Saudi Arabia is now also one with a vision to host the 2030 World Cup naming Cristiano as their ambassador and now they are trying to buckle it up. 

This could potentially be the last time we see Ronaldo and Messi go against each other. Recently an auction was held for a VIP ticket to the match that would allow the buyer access to the locker room and a promised photo session.

The Saudi Tycoon didn’t hesitate to fork up a ridiculous $2.6 million for this opportunity. Would you have paid such money to access this rare opportunity?


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