Antonio Brown, J.J. Watt’s old picture together goes viral sending NFL fans into frenzy

Not many players can switch their gameplay and become a new person but those who can are undoubtedly exceptional. There may be a handful of these unique players, yet J.J. Watt, at the moment, would be on top. After the defensive end’s retirement, fans constantly request the player to make a comeback.

Whether he would make a come out of retirement remains a question mark, however, his friend Antonio Brown is not coming back for sure. 

Antonio has created a lot of controversies bashing his old teammates, including the one and only living Legend Tom Brady. Brown is a free agent, and teams will not allow him to return, marking his end without a proper retirement. 

Yet, Brown shares unique memories with many players, including the talk-of-the-town J.J. Watt. Dov Kleiman shared a college photo of Watt and Brown earlier this Tuesday, and within moments it became a crowd favorite as fans made the picture go viral.  

After the picture of Antonio Brown and J.J. Watt spread all over the globe, fans went bonkers on Twitter and made amusing reactions.

How did fans react to Antonio Brown and J.J. Watt’s photo?

Many fans quickly noticed Antonio Browns’ insane-eyed pose in the picture and pointed it out with hilarious tweets and comments. 

A fan wrote, “Antonio already had that crazy eye look back then. 🤣”

Another fan noticing the NB logo on the two players’ jerseys pointed out, “The craziest thing here is that New Balance was an official outfitter for a CFB team. I never knew that 🤯”

A fan sarcastically said, “AB was a serial killer then 😂” 

Cringing out with AB’s pose a fan shared a gif and wrote, “Antonio Clown is so cringe 😬”

Even though none of the two could end their careers on a high, fans will recall both players. For Watt, it is his achievements and gameplay. On the other hand, people will recall brown for his controversial activities.


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