“I know I can f**king end this guy”: Jorge Masvidal discloses to Joe Rogan why he fell short against Colby Covington

Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington, two of the most highly controversial fighters in the UFC’s welterweight division, have been at odds for some time. In an interview with Joe Rogan, Gamebred finally came clean about how he really feels about ‘Chaos’, indicating that their animosity may soon escalate to a new level.

Recently, Masvidal appeared in an interview with Joe Rogan for the ‘Joe Rogan Experience’, podcast where he covered a variety of subjects relating to his spat with Covington. However, Jorge’s comment in which he explicitly mentioned why he lost in their UFC 272 encounter and how fervently he is waiting to exact revenge, got everyone’s attention.

What did Jorge Masvidal say about Colby Covington in the Joe Rogan Experience? 

The current No. 11-ranked welterweight fighter and the former interim welterweight title holder didn’t always have bad blood between them. The MMA fighters are an iconic example of buddies turned enemies. From training under the same coach to having begun openly threatening to kill each other, the two 170lb fighters have come a long way. 

“I wanted to f**king kill him. I wanted to hurt him. But I wasn’t the best version of me, bro. In this sport what I love about it is, what happens happen. Everything else is just bullsh*t, right? So until we fight again, nobody will get to see that better version of me.” said Masvidal. 

The 38-year-old fighter has now declared shockingly that he will fight and kill Covington. However, Gamebred got a chance to do so when last year on March 5 he engaged in a fight against Colby in UFC 272’s main event. But in a rather one-sided battle, Covington overcame Masvidal. 

“But I promise you, Joe. Before I close this chapter in my life, in MMA, I will have competed against this guy. I’m gonna f**cking take his soul, bro. After being those 5 rounds in there with him. That was the best that he had. I was nowhere near my best at that time for different reason. I know I can f**king end this guy.” Masvidal added.

Since Gilbert Burns will be the next opponent for the current BMF belt holder in the co-main event of UFC 287 on April 8 and Colby’s upcoming matchup will presumably pit him against the current welterweight champion, it is unsure whether the two fighters will get a rematch anytime soon.

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