“I know where I stand” Sean O’Malley desires to renegotiate his contract with UFC

Rising prospect Sean O’Malley desires to renegotiate his contract with UFC after a hard-fought battle with former interim bantamweight champion Petr Yan at UFC 280. 

Sean O’Malley is the new number-one bantamweight in the world, and he’s searching for a title shot together with money.

Following UFC 280, many people believed that Sean O’Malley was the rightful next title contender to face champion Aljamain Sterling. However, following Sterling’s victory, UFC president Dana White mentioned retiring champion Henry Cejudo returning and getting an instant championship shot.

O’Malley believes he is the best candidate and the one that fans want to see. He is a fan favorite and one of the roster’s most popular fighters. He believes that a fight between him and Sterling will go well on a PPV card.

Throughout his UFC career, O’Malley has had high expectations for himself. He wants to be the best-selling fighter of all time, and a win over Sterling could help him get there. O’Malley currently has a date in mind for the title match but insists that some negotiating has to be completed.

“I really am that the money fight as far as if we’re trying to sell pay-per-views,” he said during an interview. “I obviously do five times whatever Henry would do. But then again, I want to sit down and renegotiate my contract too, because I’ve been on a lot of big pay-per-views and I know where I stand as far as selling pay-per-views. So I’m gonna sit down with them and, hopefully, come to a deal with something we both agree upon. And I think that in a week or two we will know a lot more.”

O’Malley understands his value in the UFC. He has been upfront about how his popularity and fan base are assets to him. Dana White has already mentioned the idea of O’Malley becoming a global superstar, and now O’Malley wants his bank account to reflect his worth. 

When a champion features on a PPV event card, they will receive a percentage of the proceeds. The greater the size of the draw, the more money they will receive. O’Malley believes he deserves a piece of the combat pie and wishes to renegotiate his contract with the UFC, which will undoubtedly put feathers on his aspirations.


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