“I love it” Gilbert Burns unveils new UFC 287 gloves designed to reduce eye pokes inside the octagon

At UFC 287, a new type of gloves will be introduced that aim to minimize eye pokes, and Gilbert Burns will showcase the design. Gilbert, a long-standing competitor, will also face off against Jorge Masvidal in a highly anticipated welterweight co-main event.

When they meet in Miami, Florida, both fighters will be wearing the new gloves, addressing the longstanding issue of eye pokes in the sport. Eye pokes have been a persistent concern for many years. Often causing fights to end prematurely and resulting in unsatisfying no-contest outcomes.

In March of 2021, the Leon Edwards vs. Belal Muhammad fight was halted due to an eye poke suffered by Muhammad. Similarly, at UFC 276. Sean O’Malley’s highly anticipated bout with Pedro Munhoz ended prematurely due to an eye injury sustained by Munhoz.

The trilogy of fights between Stipe Miocic and Daniel Cormier is widely regarded as the most notable example of eye pokes in UFC history. The two fighters battled it out three times for the UFC Heavyweight Championship.

In the first two fights, Miocic suffered injuries due to eye pokes. However, in the final bout of the trilogy. Miocic retaliated by accidentally poking Cormier’s eye with a significant portion of his finger.

Gilbert Burns vs Colby Covington UFC 2023

Gilbert Burns thoughts on the new glove

The most recent episode of ‘UFC 287 Embedded’ features Burns showcasing the new design of the UFC gloves that will be unveiled on Saturday.

“I love it because people don’t see. But it kind of makes your fingers go down, so less eye pokes,” he said, modeling the new gear.

“So I like it, see my hands are relaxed, [the fingers] don’t stay here. Way better for no eye poke. I like these new gloves.”

The gloves have a subtle downward curve on the fingers. Which makes it more difficult to fully extend them and poke someone in the eye. Burns emphasized this aspect of the design and appeared content with the updated gear.

Surprisingly, UFC heavyweight Zac Pauga disclosed that the new gloves have already been in use throughout the entirety of 2023. Given the UFC’s persistent problem with eye pokes. It’s unexpected that the promotion didn’t publicize the introduction of the new gloves earlier.

In your opinion, do you believe that the new gloves will effectively eliminate the risk of eye pokes in the Octagon?

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