“I was playing ping pong with this guys head”: UFC star Conor McGregor claims he can beat Floyd Mayweather in rematch

Conor McGregor has immense confidence and self-belief in his skills inside the octagon. Even when many fans were backing Jose Aldo and Eddie Alvarez to beat The Notorious, he proved the naysayers wrong and rose to the top of the UFC.

Similarly, many fight fans were expecting Floyd Mayweather to annihilate McGregor and absorb no damage in their boxing bout that took place in 2017.

However, Conor McGregor put up a great fight and earned the respect of Money Mayweather as well as a good chunk of the boxing fandom. Despite coming up short, both Floyd and Conor have reiterated their interest in a rematch.

The Notorious is convinced that he hurt Mayweather in the ninth round and with the right adjustments he will defeat the former world champion in a rematch. He retweeted a video from their match which showed a footage of the ninth round.


As of now, the possibility of a rematch looks next to impossible. Because UFC President Dana White has downplayed the idea in a few interviews and he would not allow his biggest star to compete in an exhibition bout. Moreover, Conor McGregor is expected to fight Michael Chandler sometime this year and his eyes seem set on winning the UFC title.

What happened in the boxing match between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather?

The boxing bout between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather that took place in 2017 was one of the biggest fights in the history of combat sports. It was a twelve-round bout and as per expectations, The Notorious came out aggressively and landed some great shots.

He won the first three rounds of the match-up on the judges’ scorecard and surprised “Money” with his speed and power.

However, as the fight progressed Mayweather made adjustments and picked apart Conor. The Irishman started to gas out and Floyd pushed the pace and began the onslaught. In the ninth round, McGregor countered with a good body shot. But it was controversial as the referee deemed it as a low blow.

Thereafter Mayweather recovered from the blow and pressurized McGregor and dished out a lot of damage. In the tenth round, the referee decided to stop the fight as The Notorious took a lot of punishment from Floyd Mayweather. It is needless to say that this super fight was iconic as two of the biggest combat sports athletes collided against each other inside the boxing ring.


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