“If he’s on steroids, then give me steroids and let’s go.” Justin Gaethje mocks Conor McGregor

Justin Gaethje, the former interim lightweight champion, lost his last bout against Charles Oliveira, which resulted in the vacancy of the UFC lightweight title as the Brazilian failed the weight test. The American fighter appeared in 27 bouts while winning 23 of them and losing only 4 fights. It is expected that Mr. Highlight will return to the octagon in the first quarter of 2023. 

Fans are speculating who might be the probable opponent of the American’s comeback fight. In a recent interview, Justin was asked about the possibility of fighting against the Irish MMA artist Conor McGregor. While blaming Conor for not fighting against him, Gaethje also accused the Irishman of taking an illegal substance to enhance his fighting performance:

“If everybody would just remember correctly, I fought Cowboy (Donald Cerrone), I beat him and then he fought Cowboy right after that. I was primed and ready to go. It sounds to me like he’s off taking steroids right now. He hasn’t been drug tested by USADA in quite some time. I’m looking for fair competition.”

Mr. Highlight has the intention of fighting against the former champion, but he wants an equal fight. To be equivalent to each other, Justin is even open to taking steroids too:

“If he’s on steroids, then give me steroids and let’s go, I’m down with that. My health is my biggest factor. I have never taken a performance-enhancing drug, and I do not want to fight people that are taking performance-enhancing drugs.”

While justifying his thoughts about Conor, the American fighter also acknowledged his ignorance about drugs and wished Conor would come back from that path:

“I don’t even know how it works; I don’t even know how steroids work. I’m sure there’s windows, I’m sure it will be fine, I’m sure he can come back and be clean, but the fact that he hasn’t been drug tested tells me he’s taking steroids, whether it’s to heal his leg or not.”

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