Ilia Topuria drinks wine to cut weight? Exploring undefeated star’s peculiar ‘tradition’ ahead of UFC Jacksonville

Ilia Topuria, the undefeated Champion of the UFC, has a peculiar tradition of drinking wine to cut weight before his fights. Both the media and fans are interested in this unconventional approach.

El Matador feels that wine helps him relax and aids in his weight-cutting process, in contrast to other fighters who rely on rigid diets and demanding training regimens to shed pounds. Although unusual, this special custom appears to have been successful for him thus far, as he keeps turning up strong performances inside the octagon.

Fans are interested to see if Topuria’s wine-drinking tradition will continue to benefit him as he trains for his upcoming battle in UFC Jacksonville.

Why does Ilia Topuria drink wine to cut weight?

Interestingly, Ilia Topuria chose to include wine as part of his weight loss strategy. Although drinking wine while trying to lose weight may seem contradictory, El Matador has his own reasons for doing so.

The UFC star claims that when losing weight, drinking wine helps him unwind and reduce tension. He thinks it helps him lose water retention, which enables him to reach his target weight without becoming unduly exhausted or dehydrated. He also asserts that the diuretic effects of wine help him to get rid of extra fluid in his body.

It’s crucial to understand that Topuria approaches this exercise moderately and within the framework of his overall training program. He follows a strict nutrition plan and concentrates on challenging workouts to keep his physical fitness at its highest level. Weight loss is a difficult component of the sport, and athletes frequently try different ways to determine what works best for them.

The MMA community is surely curious and intrigued with him due to his UFC success and wine-drinking customs. This unconventional practice will probably continue to be discussed within the MMA community as long as he maintains his high level of performance.

Ilia Topuria vs Josh Emmett overview

Emmett vs. Topuria in the UFC octagon is a thrilling encounter that sets two excellent competitors against one another. El Matador, a rising star who is unbeaten, has displayed his amazing abilities throughout his professional career by becoming undefeated. Topuria, who is renowned for having a well-rounded style, is a difficult foe thanks to his skill in both grappling and solid striking.

Emmett, on the contrary, brings a plethora of knowledge and influence to the table. He has boxing experience, giving him the ability to finish fights with his powerful fists. He has demonstrated his mettle against challenging opposition at the featherweight level, showcasing his skill with a weapon and perseverance inside the ring.

This confrontation has a fascinating stylistic battle, contrasting Topuria’s technical abilities against Emmett’s destructive force. In their separate matches, both competitors showed tenacity and adaptability.

As these two featherweights compete for supremacy, spectators can anticipate a compelling and action-packed encounter. This encounter has the potential to be exciting and determine the next move in each fighter’s career, whether it be through Topuria’s wrestling or Emmett’s striking.

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