‘I’m a main card guy’ – UFC newcomer Bo Nickal says he’ll retire if put on the prelims

A recent addition to the UFC roster, Bo Nickal, an unbeaten wrestling star, has vowed to end his professional MMA career if the organization books him for the preliminary fight card.

The former Nittany Lion is a decorated amateur wrestler, is set to make his long-awaited Octagon debut against the struggling Pickett at UFC 282 on December 10 at the company’s final flagship event of the year.

Nickal fought Donovan Beard in the main event of the second installment of Dana White’s Contender Series, earning his UFC contract with a 52-second triangle submission victory off his back.

Nickal’s highly anticipated UFC career could end before it even started, should the UFC put him anywhere other than the main card. Nickal claims he is not a “prelim guy” and promises to retire if he is scheduled on the prelims, despite the fact that it is unusual for newbies to be featured on a pay-per-view so quickly after their debut. “Am I a preliminary guy? I’m not a preliminary guy,” Bo Nickal said, almost shocked by the audacity of the question. “If I have to fight in the preliminaries, I will withdraw. I’m finished.”  

Nickal, The Main Card Guy! 

This would be one of the most significant storylines and the most startling turn of events if it were to occur. Ariel Helwani then attempted to sell Bo Nickal in a scenario where foreplay is optimal. Highlighting ESPN’s high numbers gave Nickal pause for thinking, but ultimately Bo Nickal remained unconvinced that he should be the preliminary headliner. 

Nickal confidently stated, “Yeah, I’ve seen them do it before. You know, having a bigger fight on foreplay and all that. But I don’t know, I just think I’m the main card guy. As even on Dana White’s Contender Series and all of that, I was the main event. At 2-0. Every fight I take part in is the main event. They put me on the main card.

While Dana White has not officially confirmed who will participate in the main event, the emerging talent, Nickal, should be given a chance as a fan favorite.

As a novice, the rookie should use caution in expressing his ideas. Because of his confidence and strength, he remains a viable contender for the main card.

Nick admits that due to his inexperience in the sport, he still has a long way to go before he can call himself a genuinely well-rounded fighter. But he already possesses the ultimate equalizer against any opponent because of his wrestling.


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