“I’m grateful to be the athlete who fought the system” Jon Jones claims his prior drug test failures are irrelevant following USADA rule changes

Jon Jones has finally shared a  different perspective on the drug test that came back positive before his matchup with Daniel Cormier at UFC 214, which also led to a lengthy suspension for Jones.

The heavyweight title, which has been vacant ever since Francis left the organization, will be decided in the main event on March 4 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas when Jon Jones and Cyril Gane face off in the octagon. During the UFC 285 media day, Jones shared some untold information on coming positive for drugs.

According to Jones,  the United States Anti-Doping Agency has changed some of the rules regarding picogram levels and what’s allowed, and he has come to find out that all his findings were under the new legal limit, meaning he would have been cleared from every test he has ever taken.

Prior to Bones getting tested suspended for the certain illegal substance consumption there was another threshold limit for Dehydrochloromethyltestosterone, which later has been changed by USADA. The new level clears out Jones from being guilty of all his substance use charges. 

“That means a lot to me. I’m grateful to be the athlete who fought the system, who could afford the lawyers and the scientists to prove my innocence. I don’t know if I carried the cross or took the bullet for the rest of all the young athletes, but I was the first to have to go through it”, said Jones.

The light heavyweight king also vented his frustration as according to Jones, people considered him a cheater as if that same rule would have applied back then, it would have never even made the media. Jones thinks his win over Daniel Cormier would not be a no contest rather it would be a knockout victory.

“I have no ill will towards USADA or anything like that, it was just something we needed to go through. I was the first one, but one of the biggest names to go through it. I’m glad I did because some of these younger fighters wouldn’t have been able to survive something like that. They would have just been cut, or not been able to afford the lawyers or whatever.” Jones further added.

Lately, Chael Sonnen, who faced Jon Jones in UFC 159 in 2013, has made some stunning claims, saying Jones was under the influence of drugs during their light heavyweight battle. However, since getting cleared, Jones says it was hell being considered a steroid cheat, and he is glad that people can see clearly now that he never was. 

Voice your thoughts on Jon Jones’ vindication. Are you as relieved  as the star is? We sure would love to hear.

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