Israel Adesanya sports pink hair, Paolo Costa takes shirt off

Israel “The Eraser” Adesanya is now donning a head full of pink hair, ahead of the heated match between him and Paolo Costa. The two have been embroiled in heated exchanges prior to their clash for the middleweight title on UFC 253.

Adesanya pink hair

Paolo Costa posted something rather unnatural on Twitter as his promo, before he meets ‘The Last Stylebender’ inside the Octagon. His opponent, Adesanya always a fan of flashy looks, dyed his head to get pink hair.

Izzy has previously gone bleached blonde but his newest gimmick was a head turner. He quoted speaking about Costa, “Imagine if I had pink hair and whooped this motherf*cker’s ass”.

His tweets regarding his hair made all the noise on Twitter.

There’s no love lost between the current middleweight title holder and the Brazilian Costa, both of whom are undefeated in the middleweight category. Their plans about what they shall unleash on their opponents, come UFC 253, speak volumes about what they have in mind against each other.

Paolo costa

Their intentions are to hurt their opponent, as can be gathered from Adesanya’s quote: “Even after I knock him out, I will not shake his hand,”.

He continued, “It will be wild. It will be savage. I believe in the second round (I will knock him out) because he will run a lot in the first round. I will not be staying and waiting for him,”.

Adesanya pink hair

Adesanya shall not be walking the path of non-violence when they face off finally, as is clear from the man with pink hair. The Eraser has been attacking Costa verbally for a year now, and their dispute has boiled into a gruesome hateful grudge match.

Back in the bout against Robert Whitaker, Izzy attacked Costa verbally, when he called the latter as Ricky Martin, also insulting the man himself, who was present among the spectators.

Paolo Costa went shirtless before his match against Adesanya

The fight between Israel Adesanya and Paolo Costa for the middleweight title is no longer a professional bout. It has sparked off to be a full-fledged grudge match with both the fighters aiming to seriously injure their opponent.

They have attacked each other based on their physical features as well as size, despite both having different physical build.

Israel Adesanya, who just went pink hair, stated his game plan prior to his match, saying, “He is dumb, and he walks before he throws shots, that’s what makes it for me exciting, that’s what I am looking forward to.”

The Last Stylebender made it clear stating, “I am looking forward to big, inflated, ignoramus, running on me, trying to throw shots, as I keep moving and sticking him,”.

Adesanya might have continued his barrage of attack before Paolo Costa pulled the stunt of going shirtless while live. His opponent had a good laugh at that whole thing, and finally presented his loathing reaction to the stunt.

Israel suggested that his opponent gets a shirt on, since they are live on the international channel of ESPN. He then added, “Pull your s*** away this is ESPN,” at his shirtless opponent.

Paolo costa shirtless

There’s no question that the clash between the two men shall be amazing. With the amount of bad blood and verbal hatred being spewed, there’s no doubt the two men shall be at each other’s throat, as soon as they get the right to get their hands on each other.

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