Jake Paul vs Nate Diaz press conference takes a bizarre turn with UFC legend storming off twice, unusual toy monkey face-off

In a press conference that can best be described as “out of this world,” YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul and UFC legend Nate Diaz faced off against each other ahead of their highly anticipated bout on August 5. The event saw Diaz walk off twice, a face-off with a toy monkey, and a mock fight between the two fighters.

Diaz, who is no stranger to controversy, is trying to make amove towards newer ventures after he retired from the UFC last year, while Paul, who lost his undefeated record in his most recent bout against Tommy Fury, is eager to return to the ring. It was quite expected that the press conference would be contentious because both combatants were desperate to win.

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Jake Paul and Nate Diaz’s Bizarre Press Conference: A Wild Pre-Fight Showdown with Shots Fired and Monkey Antics

Diaz, known for his blunt personality, didn’t hold back in expressing his disdain for the event, calling it a “sketch-a**” and “f****** rookie” event. He even walked off twice, leaving host Ariel Helwani to coax him back onto the stage to finish answering questions. Diaz claimed that he needed to use the toilet on his second exit and only returned after a lengthy absence.

Paul, ever the practical joker, brought out a plastic monkey to confront his opponent before the fight and staged his own face-off. Much worse, after the two boxers agreed to a 15-round battle, Diaz remembered that it was unlawful and changed it to a ten-round contest. Once Nick Diaz, the older brother of the fighter, issued a challenge to fight on the undercard, a Paul staffer opened fire on Nick, sparking a heated argument between the two camps.

Despite the tension, the face-off between Paul and Diaz was not without some humor. Fans were in shock when the two combatants engaged in a simulated battle, slapping each other’s wrists and staring each other down. Twitter users couldn’t get enough of the bizarre press conference, with one user calling it “funny asf,” while another described it as “wild.”

Diaz’s Criticisms Highlight the Divide Between Boxing and MMA, but Bizarre Press Conference Shows Parallels to Combat Sports History

However, Diaz didn’t seem too amused by the antics, stating that his “homeboys are seeing him right now” before leaving the stage once again. After Diaz stormed off twice, fans were left wondering if the fight would even happen. But despite the bizarre press conference, both fighters seem eager to step into the ring and settle their differences.

This fight marks Paul’s return to the ring after his first professional loss to Tommy Fury. The Stockton native is known for his ‘fearless’ attitude and ability to take punishment, and he’ll probably need to bring all of that and more if he hopes to defeat Paul.

But as always, Diaz’s words carry weight, and his criticisms of the press conference with Jake Paul highlight the differences between the world of boxing and the world of MMA. While the press conference was certainly strange, it’s not the first time that combat sports have seen bizarre events like this.

From Conor McGregor throwing a dolly through a bus window to Mike Tyson biting off Evander Holyfield’s ear, combat sports have always had their fair share of wild moments. When these two ultimately face off on August 5th, fans should anticipate a highly intriguing battle because both fighters are recognized for their ability to talk the talk and walk the walk in the ring.

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