Jazz PG Russell Westbrook explains reason for tipping $10K to hotel employees in NBA Bubble

Giving tips to restaurants staffs is a very simple matter for every individual. But when a celebrity does the same thing then the subject becomes “how much” it is. Russell Westbrook did a similar thing and it goes viral.

There are several glaring holes in Russell Westbrook’s game right now. He’s no longer the outstanding athlete who could close with ease at the rim, and he has a lot of other problems on the court, including a high turnover rate and poor shooting ability. Considering all the negativity, he has shown to be a reliable performer on the court.

Russel’s character may be questioned, yet criticism of his play is still acceptable. After being traded from the Los Angeles Lakers, Westbrook was given the nickname “Vampire in the locker room,” which prompted an outpouring of support for him from basketball fans across the world. His wife was not pleased with ESPN’s story, and neither were NBA stars like Carmelo Anthony and Donovan Mitchell.

Even Draymond Green chimed in to support Russell Westbrook, saying, “I know Westbrook isn’t a horrible guy; I’ve seen him play.” Taylor Rooks, who has been quite vocal in her support for Westbrook, said that he was a truly kind person and that he gave the hotel workers at the Bubble big tips.

Taylor made this statement in reaction to Shaun Powell, who had mentioned that Westbrook, Draymond, and Stephen Curry are the guys whose names consistently came up when he asked locker room attendants which players provide the most tips and time. It’s terrible that someone in the locker room felt compelled to take a swing at Russ with the entire “vampire” storyline, which came out of the blue.



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