Jordan Poole busted for carrying calls: First victim of NBA’s new point of emphasis

Choose your favorite crossovers and dribbles from the NBA’s history. There will almost certainly be a “carrying” or uncalled discontinued dribbling violation somewhere in there. But recently, the NBA informed teams via memo that it will strictly enforce its policy against carrying, also known as “discontinued dribbles.” Jordan Poole became the first victim of this new point with three carrying violations against the Miami Heats on Tuesday.

As per the NBA rulebook, A player who is dribbling may not put any part of his hand under the ball and (1) carry it from one point to another or (2) bring it to a pause and then continue to dribble again. Most NBA points of emphasis are imposed initially and then often forgotten about. This was not an exception as well. The coach Steve Kerr confirmed after the match that he didn’t care to check the mail containing the memo, saying “I guess there was an email today. I didn’t check my email.” So clearly, Poole had no way of knowing about the newly introduced point prior to the match.

His teammate Draymond Green, who recently had a bad blood with Poole, also lent his support to the youngster. Green said, “Every guard in the NBA carries a lot. If it’s a point of emphasis all year, let’s see it.”

The warriors’ star was definitely not pleased with the sudden decision and his reaction after being called out says it all. 

Is it childish? Yes. Absolutely. But is it perfect in every single way? Also, yes. Absolutely. Netizens are loving his reaction and turning it into a meme all over the internet.

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