“Just Give Up and Never Try Again” Jake Paul Shares Bizarre Tricks to Be Successful

Jake Paul, also known as the “Problem Child” has tweeted out his bizarre formula for success! Jake’s “Tip 2 become extremely successful” as he put it is to give up and not try again if the going gets tough. This is clearly a troll post and it goes against the common motivational quotes which preach the contrary!  

Here’s the tweet by Jake Paul:

Paul, who is known for his brash attitude and constant trolling has put out the latest troll post much to the amusement of his fandom. Jake has become very successful at a young age thanks to his and his brother’s YouTube and vine careers.

Both the Ohio natives focused on celebrity boxing careers. They have faced other YouTubers initially then moved on to calling out MMA fighters and retired boxers. Jake has managed to defeat ex-UFC Champion Tyrone Woodley twice! He knocked out the veteran in their second fight. Jake is undefeated in all his boxing matches and has recently revealed a hit list of fighters he wants to face in the octagon.

Jake Paul has been successful in everything he has done so far, from YouTube to Boxing! He surely has not followed his own bizarre advice to the top of celebrity status!


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