Khabib Nurmagomedov brawl: Why was former UFC champion’s teammate shot dead?

The world of mixed martial arts is mourning the loss of a young fighter who was shot and killed in Russia, leaving many questions and sadness behind. The fighter trained at the school of former champion Khabib Nurmagomedov’s father, adding another layer to this complex story.

This is a sensitive topic, so we’ll approach it with respect and care as we try to understand what happened. Remember, every life lost leaves a big hole, and this young man deserves to be remembered with respect.

Who is Khabib’s teammate, Magomedrasul Mutaev shot dead?

Mutaev was from Nakhachkala, Dagestan, the same as Khabib and was a lightweight fighter who made his debut quite recently in November 2023. He used to train in Khabib’s father’s school of martial arts and was a rising young star.

Mutaev had allegedly confronted 19-year-old Dagestan native Nadyrkhan Kadyrkhanov for some comments he had made earlier, and the verbal altercation rapidly escalated into a physical brawl. Mutaev had accomplices who assaulted Kadyrkhanov and after the group assault, Mutaev reportedly urinated on Kadyrkhanov’s face. The police presume this act of degradation to be the primary factor in Mutaev’s murder.

Kadyrkhanov is the prime suspect in the crime as there is CCTV footage of the incident where Mutaev is seen exiting the training facility, only for the murderer to come in on a white vehicle and shoot Mutaev eight times. He sustained injuries to his torso and head. He did not pass away on the spot but, rather, in the ambulance carrying him to the hospital.

Our prayers go out to the family of the deceased, and we hope the murderer is brought to justice swiftly.

Khabib’s infamous brawl with Conor McGregor

Khabib is an extremely talented and hard-working athlete who spends most, if not all, of his time working out and training. He is known for being calm outside of the ring but a menace within the steel cage. His durability is unquestionable, as he barely seems fazed by the powerful blows that opponents seem to throw his way. Khabib has even been looked at as the GOAT by his fans, much to the disarray of many.

Via The Washington Post

However, the most heated rivalry Khabib was in was with the poster child of the UFC and globally recognized trash talker, Connor McGregor. The two were scheduled to fight in a match and McGregor was looking to break Khabib’s undefeated record. The heated rivalry saw McGregor dishing out a heap of trash talk and getting fiery, but Khabib responded with a calm, “I am going to smash your boy,” which he did. The match between the two was highly anticipated but ended with Khabib reigning supreme and McGregor getting a taste of his own medicine, a heartbreaking loss for McGregor fans.

Khabib then retired at the zenith of his career but has been linked to returning multiple times, as rumors have floated around. Would he still reign supreme if he were to come back?


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