Boxing icon Mike Tyson was seen sporting a Juventus jersey during the filming of his most recent film

Boxing legend Mike Tyson surprised fans by posing in a Juventus jersey while filming his new movie. The Italian football club shared a photo on social media, joking that their training sessions are about to get way tougher with Tyson on the team.

Fans are eager to know if this is just a fun moment during filming or there is more to this unexpected connection. Keep reading, because this might be a knockout combo of sports and entertainment.

Boxing icon Mike Tyson dons Juventus jersey for his most recent film

Tyson is currently in Turin, filing for his new upcoming movie titled “Bunny Man,” co-produced by Italians Adrea Lervolino and Enrico Remmert. The former professional boxer stopped by the Juventus training grounds in Turin, where Juventus social media immediately posted a picture of the legend in the black and white jersey.

This isn’t the first time that Tyson has been seen sporting football jerseys. He has formerly been seen in jerseys for Manchester United, Argentina, Brazil, et cetera.

The new jersey seems to be the most recent in a long line of changing loyalties that Tyson has possessed for different clubs over the years. Tyson, who is also an avid football fan, once even provided commentary on a Copa del Rey match between arch-rivals Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Mike Tyson once highlighted why soccer is riskier than MMA or boxing

Tyson was once one of the most dangerous men in the world when he was in his prime. He was one of the most feared competitors in a sport notorious for being extremely deadly. However, Tyson spoke up about soccer being riskier than MMA or boxing.

Tyson believes that the game of soccer carries more threats than MMA or boxing due to the differences in the injuries that players sustain in the two different sports. While career ending injuries are common across both sports, soccer players suffer from a wider variety of leg injuries, shoulder injuries, head injuries, and more that are targeted injuries.

“Well! Listen I mean it’s telling you the truth. Football is the most dangerous sport in the world. If you don’t think so you.. you get close to one of those guys and hear them when they crash within each other it’s some scary stuff you guys don’t get up. I don’t know if boxing is pretty strange because the guy keeps getting hit in the head and um it’s just big like a brain-rattling um aneurysm,” he said.

Tyson has recently been getting a lot of media coverage, sometimes for burying his longstanding rivalry with Evander Holyfield, or for his controversial rumored fight with Jake Paul, or even for smaller things like voicing his opinions on the current MMA world.

Given Tyson’s knack for attracting attention, it’s only natural to wonder what he has in store for us next.


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