Mike Tyson hails Francis Ngannou as “the true champ”, boxing stars Canelo Alvarez, Jake Paul react to the ex-UFC champ’s defeat to Tyson Furry

Francis Ngannou truly showcased why he is one of the baddest men alive. He just had a closely contested boxing match with the WBC heavyweight champion, despite having zero professional boxing experience. Francis ended up losing a split decision to Fury.

Even though Ngannou didn’t win the match, many boxing enthusiasts considered him the winner. His coach for the fight, Mike Tyson, even agreed that Francis won the bout, and many other popular influencers and fighters reacted the same way.

Mike Tyson praises Francis Ngannou

In an electrifying clash that transcended boundaries, former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou and boxing legend Tyson Fury squared off, captivating fans worldwide. Ngannou, who had been mentored by former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson, showed his incredible transformation into a proficient boxer despite a split decision loss.

The bout, held this Saturday, showcased the mettle of these two giants from different combat sports backgrounds. While Tyson Fury’s boxing prowess was evident, Ngannou’s transition was impressive, leaving spectators in awe. The split decision, favoring Fury, stirred debate over the outcome, highlighting Ngannou’s aggression and power against Fury’s technical skill.

Mike Tyson, who played a pivotal role in Ngannou’s boxing debut bout preparation, lauded his protege’s efforts, emphasizing Ngannou’s determination and resilience. In the aftermath, Tyson declared, “Francis displayed incredible heart and skill tonight. He may not have won the judges’ favor, but he certainly won respect in the boxing world. I couldn’t be prouder of his performance.”

With Mike Tyson’s guidance, Ngannou’s performance garnered respect and admiration, setting the stage for an exciting future in his career, whether in boxing or the UFC. As the world watches, Francis Ngannou’s journey continues to be an inspirational story in the world of combat sports.

Canelo and Jake Paul react to Fury vs Ngannou

A lot of influencers also reacted to the fight last night. One such fighter was Canelo Alvarez, the undisputed super middleweight champion, also reacted to the fight on his twitter as well. His reaction was not that big but it spoke volumes.

Another fighter who felt this way was Jake Paul, he also could not believe that Francis was able to pull of that performance. In the eyes off al these people Francis was their true winner.

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