AEW star Anthony Ogogo pushes Jake Paul to fight a ‘real boxer’ while new co-feature to Problem Child’s return card revealed

Jake Paul, known as “The Problem Child,” is making his return to the boxing ring. He recently defeated Nate Diaz, a former UFC fighter, and is scheduled to fight again at the end of this year. While his opponent has not been determined yet, many fighters have issued challenges to him.

Anthony Ogogo, the wrestler from AEW, has also called out Jake Paul, who has not responded to any of the fight challenges yet. He will be revealing his opponent in the near future. The fight card for his upcoming bout has been released, and it looks quite promising.

Anthony Ogogo challenges Jake Paul to a boxing fight

Jake has been one of the biggest names in boxing in the last two years. He has been extremely active in the ring and has made boxing his primary profession.

He has only one loss on his record, which was against Tommy Fury, and has been steadily moving forward since then. He beat former UFC star Nate Diaz in his last bout.

He is now fighting once again on December 15th, and a lot of fighters are now calling him out on social media platforms. Even Nate Diaz called him out for a rematch, but Jake is yet to reveal his opponent.

Anthony Ogogo a wrestling star associated with the AEW, has also called him out. Anthony has never had a boxing fight in his career and yet to call the social media star out.

It is going to be extremely interesting to see who Jake fights next. Jake has often cherry-picked his opponents and usually fights MMA guys, so it will be interesting to see who steps into the ring this time around to face him.

Shadasia Green to face Franchon Crews-Dezurn on Jake Paul return card

One of the other fights that is going to be featured on the Jake Paul undercard is Shadasia Green vs Franchon Crews-Dezurn. They are going to be contesting for the vacant WBC super middleweight title; the title has not been contested since Savannah Marshall, due to her prolonged injury.

The beef between the two has been there for a long time now. This fight is surely going to keep the audience on the edge of their seats now that a WBC title is also on the line.

Who do you want to see Jake Paul fight next? Do let us know.


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