LeBron James son Bronny once had difficulties identifying OF model Corinna Kopf on Adin Ross’ stream

Bronny James and Adin Ross are two of the most popular young individuals in this new generation. Bronny is the eldest son of the NBA superstar LeBron James while Adin is popular twitch streamer with a huge following of around 7 million. Both of these personalities have recently grown close to each other and have become good friends.

Their friendship has grown so much that Bronny once gifted Adin a signed Lakers jersey of his father, LeBron James. They are often seen hanging out at parties and sporting events and even make visits to each other’s houses. During one such visit, Bronny failed to recognize a popular OnlyFans model, Corinna Kopf, who Adin had invited to his stream.

Bronny James once had difficulties recognizing OF model Corinna Kopf

Corinna Kopf is quite well-known among Gen Z. She started as a social media influencer and later ventured into YouTube, creating content related to skincare and makeup. While she did YouTube for a while, her popularity soared when she began collaborating with YouTube stars like David Dobrik. Subsequently, she entered the OnlyFans platform and has garnered a large following, becoming a top earner on the platform.

Bronny James made an appearance at Adin Ross’s house during one of his regular streams. During the stream, he hugged Corinna and engaged in a conversation with her. Kopf noticed how Bronny had grown, with a deeper voice. LeBron James Jr. responded, “You’ve never met me.” However, he failed to recognize Corrina, to which Kopf replied, “Yes, I have.”

She then reminded him of a party where all of Bronny’s friends, including Bronny himself, went over to Corinna’s place as she was the host of the party. Adin was just sitting, teasing Kopf and smiling at Bronny for failing to recognize her, even though she is a well-known internet celebrity.

Kick streamer Adin Ross received special gift Bronny James

Adin Ross usually streams both on Kick and Twitch and has a huge following on both the platforms. During one of his streams in the following days after his birthday, he was enthusiastically talking to his viewers about the gift he received on his birthday.

He said, “I probably got the greatest birthday present i could ever have and i didn’t even ask for it.” The gift turned out to be from Bronny James and it was a Los Angeles Lakers jersey of his father LeBron James signed by the GOAT himself. Adin a huge fan of King James and loves him a lot. This gift by Bronny showed the strong relationship between Adin and him and how much he cares for him.

Bronny James is continuing his Basketball career as is very good at it. He is aplauded for his atheltiscm and playmaking skills and shooting abilities but he faced a major hiccups as he collapsed during a game some time back. He will continue to play hopefully and is speculated to be a first round pick in the NBA draft in a few years.

Bronny James
Credits: The Associated Press

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