Days after confronting Paul Heyman, LA Knight sends warning to Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Rey Mysterio

LA Knight has become one of the most beloved wrestlers in WWE, and his popularity has grown organically, catching the attention of WWE officials. Many fans believed he was a strong contender to win Money in the Bank and had a good chance of taking the United States Championship from Austin Theory.

While some fans criticized World Wrestling Entertainment for not pushing him to the top, it appears that Knight may finally be on the verge of winning championship gold in his relatively short professional wrestling career.

LA Knight issues warning to WWE title holders

LA Knight has been involved in a feud with The Miz over the past few weeks which has given us some iconic segments and moments. They had a bout at Payback with John Cena as the Special Guest Referee where The Megastar came out victorious and was endorsed by Cena.

On the recent episode of SmackDown, The Megastar would go on to defeat The Miz with a Blunt Force Trauma to claim the victory. After that, he cut a promo where he warned Seth Rollins, Rey Mysterio, Gunther, and Roman Reigns that he is coming for the gold.

The crowd roared when The Tribal Chief’s name came out of LA Knight’s mouth and the telecast cut to Paul Heyman and Solo Sikoa where The Street Champion said he’ll handle the LA Knight problem. This didn’t leave Paul Heyman worried as the power to make that decision only rested with The Tribal Chief.

Nick Khan commented on the rise of LA Knight

WWE has a lot of trust in LA Knight going forward and his rise in popularity with the WWE Universe has rewarded him with the talks of a new long-term contract. WWE President Nick Khan would go on to praise The Megastar’s rise to stardom and said how he’s the first LA Knight not any ripoff of attitude-era stars.

Knight also clarified how everyone in the pop culture he followed over the years has influenced him. He has been the highest merchandise seller for WWE in recent times overtaking other popular superstars. During a press conference with Triple H before Night of Champions, the fans interrupted him with LA Knight chants.

It seems like The Megastar has come to a point where WWE can’t ignore his talent and it seems he’s going to be rewarded. With LA Knight on the front of every advertisement for an event or the cover of a pay-per-view, it seems WWE believes in him.

Will LA Knight be the one to dethrone Roman Reigns’ record-breaking reign? Do share your opinions in the comments.


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