While LeBron James faces minor stumble, ex-teammate Drew Gooden finds success in foodservice business

LeBron James and Drew Gooden have been good friends since their time at the Cavs. King James is often the one to shine and steal the spotlight on the court. It is rare for a teammate of LeBron to overtake him when it comes to success in a game. That may be the case on the court, but off the court things turn out to be a little different.

Ex-teammate of LeBron, Drew Gooden looks like he is having better success in his off-court ventures compared to the modern-day NBA GOAT. Both LeBron and Drew have stepped into the food business and while LeBron’s side is stumbling, Gooden’s ventures look to be doing exceptionally good.

Drew Gooden’s successful restaurant business

Drew Gooden owns a Wingstop restaurant at Altamonte Springs, Florida. He claims that his business is doing exceptionally well and is the most successful Wingstop in the region. He purchased the restaurant back in 2011 during the lockout season of the NBA.

The lockout season made him think about the future as he realized the need for a source of income once his playing days were over. Owing to the outlet’s success, he bought four more Wingstops in Orlando, Florida. Apart from the restaurants, Gooden has also invested in the Real Estate business and is a reputed analyst with NBC Sports. He has reportedly amassed a total net worth of $21 million.

Drew Gooden
Drew Gooden (AP)

On the other hand, LeBron’s pizza joint, Blaze Pizza hasn’t been doing so well in some places. The pizza chain had a total of six locations, but the Berkeley location had to be closed down. It is not anything bigger than a minor stumble for LeBron as he has many other ventures. LeBron’s net worth is surely much greater than that of Gooden’s, but when it comes to running a restaurant it’s evident who is the MVP.

Gooden played with LeBron at Cavs

Drew Gooden and King James played together for four NBA seasons, from 2005 to 2009. Gooden and LeBron remain good friends and have mutual respect for each other. Gooden has spoken very highly of his friend on several occasions. He once said in an interview with TMZ that the 2007 Cavs were the least talented team LeBron took to the finals. This clearly displays Gooden’s admiration and respect for the NBA legend.

Drew Gooden
Drew Gooden and LeBron James (Getty)

The Cavaliers team with King James and Drew Gooden went to the 2007 NBA finals but were unable to seize the victory as they lost to the San Antonio Spurs. It is clear that Drew has a lot of respect for Lebron and believes that he is one of the greatest players of all time, a good leader and a great teammate.

Have you been to any of the Restaurants owned by these NBA stars? What do you think of Gooden and LeBron’s relationship? We are eager to know your thoughts, so drop down in the comments and share your take.

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