When did LeBron James become a billionaire? Exploring Lakers superstar’s net worth 2023

Smashing and breaking records is nothing new to LeBron James, the professional basketball player of the Los Angeles Lakers has already bagged four-time NBA Championships. Furthermore, while staying on an active roster, he occupied the place of the first active NBA player to become a billionaire.

So, it is time to explore his net worth and how he ended up becoming the owner of a billion in fortune.

What age did LeBron become a billionaire at?

The four times NBA MVP becomes a billionaire at the age of 37 while playing for the Lakers as a power forward.

How did LeBron get to be a billionaire?

The 2003 NBA draft probably always planned to make the best use of his NBA stardom into lucrative projects. And he did so by investing lavishly into profitable ventures including the food and entertainment industry.

He earned $385 million from his salary while making a fortune of $900 million from his business and endorsement deals which at the end of the day contributed to making him a billionaire.

Who is richer Michael Jordan or LeBron?

Well, this will be a GOAT vs. a GOAT as both of the players have created their own indelible mark within the league like no one else. Furthermore, both Jordan and James have entered the billionaire club. MJ achieved his billionaire status nearly 10 years after his retirement while the Lakers star is the first active basketball player to become a billionaire.

Although these legends have exhibited their talents off the court splendidly, Jordan currently sits in a higher rank having $1.7 billion while LeBron has $1 billion. So, in terms of monetary value, the former player is a step ahead compared to King James.

How much is LeBron James currently worth?

As of 2023, LeBron James’ net worth is $1 billion. He accumulated this mammoth wealth mostly from his NBA salary and from endorsements, media presence, and investments.

The bond between the NBA court and LeBron James seems to be unbreakable as the player is still rocking his skills at the age of 38 when most of his counterparts are enjoying their retirement. When will LeBron retire from NBA? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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