Logan Paul’s business partner KSI defeats Joe Fournier via KO in round two at Misfits boxing event

Joe Fournier received exactly the treatment that KSI had promised. The YouTuber-turned-boxer defeated Joe via knockout in a controversial way to end his winning streak in professional boxing.

Tonight at the OVO Arena in London for the Misfits Boxing 7 event, KSI and Fournier engaged in a highly anticipated boxing bout. The main draw for the boxing world, among a number of promising young fighters, was probably KSI’s battle. 

How did KSI beat Joe Fournier in London? 

Logan Paul’s business partner came into the fight with a lot of confidence. The millionaire businessman couldn’t match the young boxer’s rhythm, pace, or intensity. There wasn’t much of a doubt that KSI won the opening round. 

The former Youtuber turned boxer continued to dominate his 40-year-old ring opponent in the second round. KSI defeated Fournier with a lethal elbow strike, which later sparked debate over its legality. 

Before the bout, Fournier promised to put KSI to sleep, declaring, “In front of 15,000 of his fans he’s going to be put to sleep.” But despite the drama surrounding it, Joe has just suffered his first professional boxing loss. 

Joe was the toughest opponent the British rapper has ever faced in his fighting career. The YouTuber-turned-boxer had been seeking a big fight for a while, and with Joe, he was finally able to somewhat display his compelling boxing skills. The Briton brought out his excitement and happiness during the post-fight interview. 

“I hit him with a massive shot, and he was dazed. He was scrambling, trying to hold on to me for dear life. I was like, ‘brother, nah, nah, nah. It’s D-Day. Your soul is mine.'” KSI said.

The co-founder of Prime energy drink defeated FaZe Temperrr earlier this year in the main event of Misfits Boxing 4 at London’s Wembley Arena. After defeating Joe, KSI will probably be eager to schedule his next fight against another formidable foe, which he has been talking up for the last few months.

Which boxer —Jake Paul or Tommy Fury—do you believe KSI should challenge next? Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comment section. 

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