All hell breaks loose after KSI tossed Joe Fournier’s sunglasses in heated altercation ahead of boxing bout

Today’s boxing event in London features a number of up-and-coming boxing talents. Prior to the main card’s highly-anticipated fight, KSI and Joe Fournier had one final exchange in which tensions soon grew.

KSI and Fournier will square off at the OVO Arena in London for the Misfits Boxing 7 event, which will be broadcast live on DAZN. The grand event will be shown today at 2:00 PM ET. Joe Fournier weighed 179.5 pounds and KSI weighed 177.6 pounds at yesterday’s ceremonial weigh-in.

What transpired in the final encounter between KSI and Joe Fournier ? 

Joe and KSI engaged in an angry exchange of words in front of the London crowd during the last faceoff before their ring action. Fans weren’t too dissatisfied because they witnessed several verbal exchanges between the two influential boxers. 

The undefeated professional boxer and billionaire businessman Fournier vowed to put KSI to sleep by saying, “He’s getting put to sleep in front of his little fans. In front of 15,000 of his fans he’s going to be put to sleep.” 

Before facing his toughest opponents in boxing, KSI also displayed rage and intensity. The YouTuber-turned-boxer has been looking for a significant fight for some time, and with Joe, he can now finally put on an exhibition where he can show off his captivating boxing abilities. 

“Tomorrow, I’m going to show the world a different KSI. Constantly evolving, constantly getting bigger. Stronger. Better. Joe Fournier cannot do anything to me. Joe Fournier cannot knock me out. It’s not going to happen.” said KSI. 

The owner of Misfits Boxing vowed to take his opponent’s soul the following day. The YouTuber-turned-boxer earlier defeated FaZe Temperrr at Misfits Boxing 4’s main event in January at London’s Wembley Arena. To go one step closer to facing his arch-enemy, Jake Paul, KSI hopes to overcome Joe. 

The fight is currently scheduled to go down within a matter of hours. Do you believe KSI will be able to add another infinity stone to his gauntlet or do you think Joe Fournier will be able to defeat KSI?  Share your thoughts with us in the comment section. 

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