Lewis Hamilton offers support to George Russell after Singapore GP leaves the 25-year-old Brit heartbroken

Lewis Hamilton was able to grab another podium this season during an eventful and highly exciting Singapore GP, but the car number 63 of his teammate had a heartbreaking disaster in the most crucial stage of the race giving a lot trouble to George Russell.

However, Lewis Hamilton proved his down to earth nature by praising the young Brit and supporting him after his race became a lost cause, just when he was deciding to go all in and making huge leaps in the podium battle on the new Marina Bay Street Circuit.

Hamilton offers support to Russell

George Russell was running in hot with a respectable 3rd place, as he was desperately trying to close the gap between his fellow compatriot, Lando Norris and trying to get the better of him in the race. He was pushing his Mercedes W16 which had been incredibly competitive this weekend with the high downforce package. However, Murphy’s struck on Lap 62 when the young Brit crashed out causing an end to his race.

He was immediately subbed out by his teammate Lewis Hamilton who went to finish the race in 3rd place giving Mercedes another well deserved podium. Hamilton was quick to standup for his teammate acknowledging his performance and giving the media answers about this unfortunate incident.

Him backing up Russell was a very good initiative and it certainly gave George Russell the much required confidence to stand up to his amazing performance before the crash.

Hamilton explained reason for Russell crash

Lewis Hamilton was quick to explain Russell’s crash without denigrating the efforts driver no. 63 had put in all race. He goes on to speak about the reason’s for his crash and it seems that their tyres where too hot in the final stages of the race, causing Russell to lose control of the car and find the barriers.

Formula 1 cars are incredibly sophisticated performance machines and they need an exact value for the variables to work in a satisfactory condition. As such, the tyre temperatures are the most important variables incorporated in the races. A tyre’s temperature ultimately decides the race outcome because it directly affects the traction of the car. A cold tyre will lead to drivers spinning as try to push hard. On the other hand, warmer tyres need to be handled carefully or they may cause a crash by exploding.

Lewis Hamilton’s reason is legitimate because in the snippets released by Formula 1, George Russell was trying hard to control the car before crashing out during the turn.

As the Singapore GP neared it’s end 3 drivers were on the verge for achieving a well deserved in their career but it went to Carlos Sainz leaving George Russell broken. What do you think about George Russell’s race, did he deserve to win this GP.


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