Liverpool fans plan to sue UEFA for injuries suffered during chaotic Champions League final in Paris vs Real Madrid

Liverpool fans will file a formal lawsuit against UEFA following their horrible experience back at the Champions League Final 2022 in France.

It was the incident that put so many lives in danger as thousands of fans got struck by a scenario with panic seizing upon them and the experience was terrifying.

The final match between Liverpool and Real Madrid was put on halt for 36 minutes due to the incident as the kops are the ones who suffered the most during the time.

Liverpool fans described the situation as a nightmare and later it affected them and prevented them from going to the stadiums out of fear of recalling the ghost back.

“I think we’re still all suffering from the after-effects of the final. Many people I know, and other people are struggling to get to the game now as a consequence of the crowd management. Them not wanting to go to the game because they’ve been to a game is tragic in its own way,” Joe Blott, chair of Liverpool supporters group Spirit of Shankly, said.

Now on Monday, there is a report of an individual review of the chaos that happened in Paris which found UEFA guilty as the primary responsible candidate to accept the mistakes in organizing that could lead to a disaster.

“Nobody’s safety can be guaranteed because nobody has accepted responsibility for something that was really serious and humiliating on an international stage for the whole country. The Senate report makes it clear that the behavior of fans was not at any point a problem and the failures lie with the authorities. They could easily repeat them again because no measures have been put in place to deal with them,” said Liverpool fan and journalist Daniel Austin, who was at the Stade de France on the night of the final.

UEFA escaped the event of chaotic and dangerous injury by questioning Liverpool fans’ behavior outside the stadium in Paris, but it was rather their mistake that put lives at risk.

“The truth. The truth about what happened and about the lies and smears that were aimed at Liverpool supporters from the get-go,” said Liverpool Byrne when asked by ‘AFP’ what he wants to see in the findings of the UEFA inquiry.

Police threw tear gas and pepper spray that led to many fans’ intro trauma and the emotions of a final went fickle in front of the event and they have every right to sue UEFA.

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