Logan Paul reportedly to face recent UFC release star Darren Till in his boxing comeback fight

Logan Paul has announced his upcoming return to the boxing ring. This will be his first fight since his highly-publicized bout against Floyd Mayweather in 2021 which ended without any result. Despite the attempts to keep his opponent a secret, an annoyed Dillion Danis spoiled the party. According to ‘El Jefe’, the internet personality is expected to face the recently released Darren Till.

Originally, Paul had been in talks to fight his online rival Danis, but a knee injury sustained during a WWE performance prevented the matchup. Logan shared the news about the confirmation of his next fight on his IMPAULSIVE podcast, where he had Dave Portnoy as the guest.

Paul announced that he had a new opponent, but did not disclose their identity yet. He promised to reveal it later and censored the name on the podcast. Upon hearing the ‘censored’ part, Portnoy reacted with surprise, saying “No s**t.” Paul agreed that it was exciting news, but admitted that he didn’t have any additional information at the moment.

It is likely that Dillon was unhappy about not being selected as Paul’s opponent and, true to form, he chose to spoil Logan’s announcement. The former mixed martial artist declared that Till would be facing Logan in the boxing ring.

In a tweet that has since been deleted, he wrote: “He ran from me to go fight 1-5 Darren Till.”

Logan Paul Vs Darren Till: The Money fight 

Till made the news recently when he asked to be released from the UFC, citing the need to execute “big plans.”

In a tweet, he wrote: “What’s happening everyone, me, Dana & Hunter are still cool as f**k. I asked UFC [to] remove me just [to] sort some other s**t for the foreseeable. They happily agreed to release me out of [the] contract which I appreciate. I’m not going anywhere, got big plans to execute & I’ll be back.”

Seth Rollins vs Logan Paul
Logan Paul

It’s possible that Darren’s “big plans” may have included a high-profile fight against a celebrity influencer like Paul. While there’s no official confirmation yet about the rumored matchup between Paul and Till, ‘The Gorilla’ himself has added fuel to the fire by tweeting an emoji of boxing gloves and a money bag.

It appears that Till is determined to make as much money as possible while he has the chance. Meanwhile, Paul is currently concentrating on his WWE career and is slated to face off against Seth Rollins in a one-on-one match at WrestleMania 39.

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