Man City star Kevin De Bruyne unfazed by bottle attacks from Arsenal fans as they reach top of PL point table

Arsenal fans aimed at Man City superstar midfielder Kevin De Bruyne and threw bottles at him following their 3-1 defeat against the Champions on the home turf.

Emirates hosted Arsenal vs Man City on Wednesday night for the ultimate battle of the titans at an event where winning the match would push the side one step closer to the title.

Man City overcame the difficulties of the Gunners as Kevin De Bruyne was the star of the match after scoring for the Citizens and further provided an assist to City’s third goal.

The other goalscorers for the new league leaders were Jack Grealish and ever-reliant Erling Haaland while Bukayo Saka pulled one back for Arsenal from the penalty spot.

The fans were electric and it was undoubtedly one of the fiercest encounters of this season as the Highbury stand was rocking at times when the home side turned over positions.

However, the incident following De Bruyne’s exit just before the final whistle of the game saw an unfortunate scenario as the home crowd threw bottles toward the best midfielder in the Premier League.

De Bruyne has ice in his veins as he walked past the whole pitch to return to the dugout with a smile on his face and remained unaverted despite fans throwing objects aiming at him.

Fans across the world went berserk over the occurrence and shared their thoughts on Twitter as some reacts hilariously while others were concerned for De Bruyne.

One Twitter user wrote: “Irony of Arsenal fans throwing bottles at De Bruyne whilst their players start to bottle the league!”

A second tweeted: “Someone spent about £13 on a bottle of prime to lob it at De Bruyne they’ve lost their heads.”

A third added: “De Bruyne gets a bottle of Prime “ice pop” thrown at him. Surprised there wasn’t a pitch invasion to grab it.”

A fourth said: “Some sh*t stain just threw a bottle at De Bruyne…. totally uncalled for.”

A fifth commented: “Looool, De Bruyne on demon time, brother winked at arsenal fans after having a prime bottle thrown at him.”


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