“We’ve had a few cold knockout” Tommy Fury’s father claims his son is sending sparing partners to hospital ahead bout vs Jake Paul

Everyone in the boxing community is on the edge of their seats waiting for the highly anticipated bout between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury. Ten days out from the fight, John Fury sent a stern message to his son’s opponent in the ring.

The fight between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury was originally scheduled to take place on two separate occasions, but both were abruptly postponed. Despite this, after much sound and fury, they are set to square off once more in Riyadh on February 26. 

Ahead of the fight, Tommy’s father John gave some insights to Daily Mail regarding how well his son has prepared himself for the fight.

“We’ve had good class kids in the gym. We’ve had heavyweights in, cruiserweights in, light heavyweights in, we’ve had them all. They’ve all been good, class, young, hungry men. But bring it. He’s been handling them very well.”

According to Tommy’s father, John Fury, not only has his son been sparring with heavyweight boxers in the gym, but he has also been sending some of them to the hospital after hurting them, which John Fury interprets as a sign of how well his son’s boxing training is progressing.

“He’s been doing them some damage. We’ve had a hairline fracture in the jaw, and we’ve had a few knockdowns. We’ve had a few cold knockouts from Tommy. He’s been destroying his sparring partners. You can ask them. He knows who they are. They know whether Tommy is the real deal or not.” John added. 

In 2018, John Fury boxed in his first professional match against Jevgenijs Andrejevs in the Manchester Arena. Over the next four years, TNT would go on to win seven more fights, making this just the beginning of his success.

Considering the family’s boxing legacy, Tommy’s success and hard training, his father, the former bare-knuckle fighter refuses to believe Jake Paul can beat Tommy.

“After what I have been seeing in the gym, there is no way he can. He’ll be lucky to even land a punch on Tommy. The first time Tommy connects with the right it will be over.”  John further added.


Who do you think will win on February 26 after all the anticipation surrounding the showdown between The Problem Child and TNT?


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