Man United finalize personal deals with Sancho

Jaden Sancho is no doubt the top pick for the Red Devils Boss this summer. However, the sky rocketing bid placed by Dortmund has made it difficult for the English Giants to grab their top summer target.

However, personal deals with the player have already been finalized by the Man United board and the player’s interest to come back to English football has helped it further.

Sancho currently earns 75,000 pounds a week in Germany. If the transfer to Old Trafford is finalised, the Londoner is estimated to earn huge numbers every week and is also looking forward to sponsorships and out-of-the-field endorsements.

The transfer deadlock between Dortmund and Manchester has finally had a break through with the German club agreeing to the initial bid of 60 million pounds this year and the rest of the outstanding amount to be paid over the next two years. That would have the Red Devils pay 26.5 million pounds in 2021 and the rest of the 17 million pounds in 2022.

Sancho’s performance in the Bundesliga this season has been by far extremely well-polished and that undoubtedly has put the 20 years old in the high regards of Man United Boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

Dortmund have been very satisfied with the payment plan and would not hinder if the money keeps flowing into their account. After signing Portugal star, Bruno Fernandez, Man united are bent upon completing their transfer target for the season and have also arranged for a financial plan accordingly.

Dortmund has issued a 10th August deadline to the Man United Executive Board for making the transfer after which the club leaves for Swiss Pre season training.


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