Mauricio Pochettino addresses Thiago Silva’s wife’s message, requests frustrated Chelsea supporters more ‘time’

The ride for this season has not been very joyful for Chelsea fans, as the club is currently in the 11th position in the points table, despite spending money on heavy investments in the club. Chelsea did not have the results they would have liked.

And thus, questions have been raised about Mauricio Pochettino’s position, not only by the fans but also by a player’s family member.

Mauricio Pochettino talks on Belle Silva’s post

Chelsea’s veteran Brazilian defender Thiago Silva’s wife, Isabelle da Silva, wrote a controversial message on X after the Blues were defeated 4-2 by the Wolverhampton Wanderers on Sunday, February 4.

She wrote: “It’s time to change. If you wait any longer, it will be too late,” insisting that a change in Chelsea’s managerial position is necessary.

Pochettino confirmed later in a press conference that he spoke to Silva on the issue. He said, “Thiago came today to talk with me. I’m not going to talk about what we were talking but the most important thing is he came and talked to me.”

Thiago’s wife has deleted the tweet and also has apologized.

She said, “I’m sorry that my personal outburst as a passionate Chelsea fan has caused such an impact. I’m passionate about the team, I thrive on victories and I’m saddened by defeats. We all want the same thing, a winning team, come on Chelsea!!”

After the defeat against Wolverhampton, Pochettino’s job is under threat, and the now-deleted tweet from Thiago Silva’s wife has only added fuel to the fire.

Pochettino pleads Chelsea fans to be patient

Chelsea’s poor run this season has left the fans in turmoil. The emotions of the fans are running high as they are seen criticizing the players on the internet.

Reviewing the situation, Pochettino has urged the fans to have patience and keep calm. He said, “It takes time to build a team; it’s like building a house. You need to be sure of all the steps you take.”

Ahead of the FA Cup match, he said the team played well in the first game but depending on the situation, he might make some changes.

Will Pochettino be able to turn Chelsea’s luck around? Let us know in the comments.


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