Michael Chandler’s team went 5-0 up in TUF31, UFC star fires shots at Conor McGregor amid USADA sandal

On The Ultimate Fighter Season 31, Michael Chandler’s team had a perfect 5-0 start, which led him to take a jab at Conor McGregor. His remarks followed a USADA incident involving McGregor, in which he was charged with receiving and utilising illegal substances.

Iron’s comments were interpreted as a subtle jab at McGregor even though he didn’t mention him by name, implying that his team’s success was unrelated to any involvement in such issues. These remarks fueled the already smoldering conflict between Chandler and McGregor.

It is unclear whether their rivalry will show up in the octagon as both competitors move forward with their individual UFC careers. Any potential fights between the two incredibly talented athletes are eagerly anticipated by the crowd.

Michael Chandler vs Conor McGregor rivalry

Recent verbal scuffles and the intense competition of the sport have intensified the enmity between Chandler and McGregor. If these two fighters were to square off in the octagon, their individual styles and accomplishments would make for an exciting contest.

Former Bellator champion Chandler made a big impression in the UFC with a strong debut and following wins. Success has drawn attention to him and put him in direct conflict with the Notorious, the biggest name in the UFC.


McGregor is well known for his charm and knockout power and he continues to be one of the most recognisable names in the sport and a consistent attraction for fans despite recent controversy and failures.

With Chandler making veiled references to the allegations against the Irish boxer as the USADA crisis rages on, the antagonism between Chandler and McGregor grew more heated. 

Regardless of whether they actually fight, the MMA community would surely be filled with a great deal of expectation and excitement.

Team Conor vs Team Chandler performance in TUF31

On The Ultimate Fighter Season 31, Team Conor and Team Chandler’s performances have drawn attention and analysis on Twitter. The show’s viewers and fans have used the forum to voice their thoughts and responses to the performances of the teams.

The interest in McGregor‘s and Chandler’s respective clubs has increased as a result of their rivalry. Team Conor’s supporters have lauded their fighters’ abilities, tactics, and all-around performance, underlining their successful start to the match. In contrast, Team Chandler supporters have been equally outspoken, praising their fighters’ accomplishments and touting their team’s perfect record.


Fans are debating and exchanging ideas in a vibrant manner on Twitter as they assess the advantages and disadvantages of each squad. Memes, gifs, and fervent tweets have filled the network as people show their support for their chosen team and interact amicably with opponents’ supporters.

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