Michael Schumacher’s maiden F1 title comes under fire after $13m Lewis Hamilton 2008 title lawsuit takes a turn

Formula 1 is familiar to debates about its greatest drivers, with names like Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton, often at the forefront of such discussions. Currently, these two drivers have the honour of being the only drivers in F1 history to have won seven World Championships. 

However, there has been a recent call by motorsport journalist Roger Benoit to strip Schumacher of his 1994 World Championship, which seemed to reignite the debates once again.

Roger Benoit wants Michael Schumacher to lose his first F1 title

Michael Schumacher’s trail of success is one for the history books, and he had maintained his impressive record by consistently finishing first or second in the races throughout his career.

 Recently Robert Benoit, a motorsport journalist, claimed that the F1 legend should be stripped of his title due to his collision with Damon Hill.

“As a six-time world champion, he belongs in the top 5.”, Benoit said while referring to Schumacher. He called the former F1 icon a ‘six-time’ World Champion instead of seven.

“Of course, I know that he was world champion seven times. But the 1994 title should be taken away from him because he only won it because of his foul on Damon Hill.”

This call raises a question about Schumacher’s place among the F1 legends. If his 1994 title is taken away, it would surely affect the statistics and records attributed to Schumacher. His place among the all-time legends would have to be reconsidered as well.

Felipe Massa’s lawyer wants Lewis Hamilton’s support to overturn his 2008 title

 Felipe Massa filed a lawsuit against the FIA and FOM for the consequences he faced which led him to lose the world championship in 2008. Due to this, the Brazilian former driver asked for at least $13 million as compensation. Since Massa is yet to receive any support on this, his lawyers are seeking aid from none other than Lewis Hamilton.

 However, it is rather strange of the parties to be asking Hamilton’s support, given he will lose his own 2008 title if Masa wins the lawsuit.


His lawyers released a statement over this to Reuters. It read, “We have absolutely nothing against Hamilton. He is an important ambassador of sport and has always defended sporting integrity. He is an honorary Brazilian citizen and is very well-liked by Brazilians, so I hope he will support us.”

As the case began to get more serious, Lewis Hamilton was asked of his opinion on the ongoing fiasco in multiple interviews, but he chose to avoid the question entirely.

He stated that he doesn’t remember what happened back in 2008 as it was many years ago and furthermore added that he loves and wants to live in the present, not the past.

As unlikely as it seems, do you think Lewis Hamilton is going to help Felipe Massa proceed with the lawsuit to revoke his own 2008 title? Share your take in the comments below.


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