Weeks after bold declaration, Stephen Curry gets nod from Warriors teammate as best PG ever

The debate between Stephen Curry and Magic Johnson dominated the offseason after the Golden State Warriors star called himself the greatest point guard ever in Gil’s Arena. Draymond Green, a Warriors forward and four-time champion, recently shared his choice in this debate.

Over the years, Green has faced criticism for his basketball opinions. Nevertheless, his latest view on the greatest point guard of all time debate might find widespread agreement among fans. Green has strong connections to both guards, making it a challenging decision for him to determine who the superior guard is.

Draymond Green boldly declares Curry’s superiority over Magic Johnson

Golden State Warriors star forward Draymond Green has often expressed his admiration for legendary basketball players throughout his career. However, when he had to decide between Steph Curry and Magic Johnson as the all-time best point guard in an episode of Gil’s Arena, Green quickly chose his teammate from the Warriors and explained why.

“What Steph Curry has done to the game of basketball, which I think is an even bigger compliment than what you’ve done for the game. What he’s done to the game of basketball, like how can he not be?… It’s very easy one for me. I gotta roll with the dawg that I rolled in with, and that’s Steph Curry.”, he said.

Green has strong connections with both players. Magic played for Michigan State, the same college that Draymond Green attended, and Curry, along with Green, has been a key part of the Warriors’ success, winning four titles since 2015.

Having played a crucial role in the team’s achievements, Green found it easy to make his choice. He believed that without teaming up with the NBA’s all-time leader in 3-pointers, he wouldn’t have earned his four championship rings. This is why the All-Star forward chose Curry over Johnson. Curry’s impressive accomplishments and his impact on the game of basketball justifies Green’s pick.

 Curry boldly claims title of best PG ever

Ideally, most people can agree that there are two choices in the debate over the best point guard ever. It’s either Magic Johnson or Stephen Curry. In a recent show, Gilbert Arenas posed this very question to Curry on his podcast.

“Are you the best point guard ever?”, Arenas asked. To which Curry answered, “Yes. It’s me and Magic, is that the conversation?”

Conversations like these usually hinge on personal opinions. Magic has a lot in his favor, including his five championships compared to Curry’s four. Johnson was exceptionally tall for his position, an amazing passer, and a force in fast-break plays. These are factors that couldn’t be ignored in Magic Johnson’s favor.

As for Curry, he’s undeniably the greatest shooter and one of the top scorers in history.

Some people argue this removes him from the “traditional point guard” discussion, but that is not necessarily the case. A point guard’s primary duty is to consistently set up the best possible shots for their team. If he happens to be the best person to take a particular shot, not passing it for the sake of conforming to the idea of a “true point guard” does not hold proper grounds.

Who do you think is the best “Point Gaurd” ever? Share your thoughts with us by using the comment section.

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