Mike Krack claims Lance Stroll is competing in F1 Japanese GP despite being “generally sore” from Singapore GP qualifying collision

Lance Stroll suffered a heavy hit in Saturday night’s qualifying for the Singapore Grand Prix when he lost the rear of his AMR23 after touching the kerb in the final corner at the Marina Bay circuit. Although the driver was not severely injured, he was still declared to be sore from the collision, therefore not being able to participate further in any Singapore GP race.

However, Mike Krack confirmed and reassured the fans that Stroll will return, much stronger than before in the upcoming Japanese Grand Prix.

Aston Martin’s Mike Krack claims Lance Stroll is competing in Japanese GP

After receiving medical treatment from the centre, Mike Krack commented “Stroll will be back in the car come Friday for the start of the Japanese Grand Prix weekend, he’s generally sore.”

“If you have an incident like that, you stress your muscles anyway. The analogy is that if you spend a very hard day in the gym, then also you feel not great, so this is where we’re at.

“I think it’s the right decision to be ready for Japan because it’s already in a couple of days.

“The important thing is that he is fine and everything else is secondary.”

When he was asked whether there was any chance of Stroll not participating in Suzuka, the German replied with “Zero.”

Lance Stroll missed Singapore GP due to qualifying collision

During the collision, Stroll speared into the wall at speed, his Aston Martin was up on two wheels such was the force of the impact. that destroyed the front left of the car and tore off the wheel. The team then declared that Stroll was still feeling the after-effects of the collision.

On Sunday afternoon, before the Grand Prix was starting, Aston Martin released a statement: “Following Lance’s crash in qualifying during the Singapore Grand Prix, Lance and Aston Martin have jointly agreed that he will not participate in the Singapore Grand Prix this evening.

“The team face a huge job repairing the car today and understandably Lance is still sore following such a high impact. Lance’s focus now shifts to fully recovering ahead of the Japanese Grand Prix.”

Additionally, he said, “The whole team are relieved that Lance was able to step out of the car after yesterday’s accident – however, he is still feeling the after-effects of such a high-impact crash.”

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