MMA star Dwayne Herelle Jr’s alleged ex-girlfriend murder stabbing her “excess of 17 times” caught on surveillance footage

Dwayne Herelle, a former mixed martial arts fighter, was taken into custody on suspicion of murdering his girlfriend in a terrible manner.

Irena Torres, who was Dwayne’s girlfriend, was reportedly stabbed seventeen times with a sharp knife at her Tennessee residence in the wee hours of January 29th, according to the official reports.

The victim’s older sister, Reyna Douglas, took to GoFundMe to reveal the circumstances of the horrific event that befell her younger sister, who was only 24 years old. According to the information that was provided by Reyna, Dwayne was waiting for her sister to return home that night, and the instant she got home, he ambushed her from the rear and started stabbing her until she was dead. 

“While most 24-year-olds are planning their careers, and futures, and are optimistic about the world, Irene spent some of the last months of her young life abused, degraded, terrorized, and fearful. Irene showed immense bravery in leaving her abusive relationship and was so happy to start her new life with the support of her family, only to be hunted down in her front yard and brutally murdered one month later.” Reyna shared in the statement. 

According to the confessions made by Herelle in court and the police records, after he had murdered his girlfriend, he placed the body of the victim in the trunk of his car and drove it to his house, where he hid it in a storage container and was hoping to get away with everything.

Dwayne Herelle has not yet been given a sentence, and the proceedings of his trial are still ongoing. All of the evidence has been gathered by the Metro Nashville Police Department at this point.

Torres always had a smile on her face and a compliment to give, said the victim’s sister, despite being terrorized, abused, and living in fear.

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