Sevilla calls for fair investigation from La Liga to “get to the bottom” of Barcelona bribery scandal

Spanish club Sevilla urged La Liga authorities to investigate the bribery scandal properly relating Barcelona and punish the club accordingly to the metrics of the offense.

According to the reports, former vice-president of the Technical Committee of Referees in Spain, Jose Maria Enriquez Negreira had been paid by Barcelona through a staggeeing 33 separate instalments.

The conduct is deemed to be barbarous as Sevilla are issuing an official statement and emphasized the act to be investigated properly with further news are emerging day by day.

“Sevilla FC wishes to express its concern and indignation at the information that, day by day, has come to light through the media, making it clear that it is absolutely necessary to get to the bottom of the matter in order to clarify what happened and who is responsible,” the club said in a statement.

“The serious nature of the facts known so far, which call into question or sow doubts about the integrity of Spanish football competitions, also leads Sevilla FC to publicly request that LaLiga and the RFEF, as the highest representatives of Spanish football, with the RFEF also being the highest authority responsible for the refereeing collective, that, when the time comes, they promote and take part in all proceedings that may arise from this case once the investigation has been completed.”- the statement continued.

The scandal known as the Barcagate scandal was came to light after Spanish police started an investigation as allegations for former executives of FC Barcelona was unmasked as the Catalan club was found guilty for paying referees.

Several individuals, including former Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu, had been arrested and were being investigated for their alleged involvement in the scandal.

It will be interesting to witness what action La Liga will take following the investigation as clubs like Sevilla are announcing proper trial publicly which would certainly apply pressure to the Governing committee of Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) .

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