Months after lucrative seven-figure agreement with Rigorer, Lakers Austin Reaves reflects on unbelievable journey of AR1

Austin Reaves focused on securing his future in the league when he joined the NBA as an undrafted free agent in 2021. His dedication has led to an exciting opportunity, as he is set to launch his own signature shoe in collaboration with a Chinese company called Rigorer, a brand he’s been endorsing this season. The new shoe will hit the market as the new season begins soon.

Reaves’s signature shoes, the Rigorer AR1, have been unveiled recently. This achievement came after a stellar season where he also penned a lucrative contract with the Lakers.

Reaves expresses amazement over having  own signature shoe

Reaves, who grew up in Arkansas, is really excited about having his own signature shoe. He said that launching it was a special moment for him. The sneaker called the AR1, is going to come out in an “Ice Cream” color style on August 11.

An emotional Austin Reaves said: “From growing up in Arkansas and being undrafted to now having my own signature shoe, this is a surreal moment for me. “Working closely with the design team, the AR1 is all about maximizing performance and efficiency on the court.”

“The AR1 not only matches my all-around game but is also adaptable to all players.”

These sneakers are a representation of Reaves’ journey. They were designed to match his personal style and preferences. The “Ice Cream” color is a unique and eye-catching choice that adds a fun touch to the design.

Since this is Reaves’ first signature shoe in the NBA, sneaker enthusiasts think that the Rigorer AR1 is going to be a popular model.

 Rigorer scores big with the signing of NBA’s Austin Reaves in a seven-figure deal

Austin Reaves became widely known after his breakout performance with the Los Angeles Lakers in the 2022-23 season. His outstanding playoff performances brought several benefits, and one of the significant ones was the opportunity to have his own signature shoe. Reaves has recently inked a seven-figure deal with the Chinese brand Rigorer, marking a major achievement in his career. 

Speaking about the opportunity, Reaves recently said: “Yeah, there’s multiple times where I’m sitting there by myself playing a game or something and I’m just like, ‘This sh*t can’t be real,”  Reaves continued “I think there’s mid-twenties guys in the league that’s got their shoe and for me to be one of them is you know, special. And I never take that for granted.”

At this moment, Austin Reaves is enjoying the best time of his life with a million-dollar shoe deal and a fresh $56 million contract with the Los Angeles Lakers. However, the real test lies ahead in the upcoming season when he must continue to improve and live up to the expectations surrounding him.


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