“Motherf*** Mike Perry”: Ex-UFC Champion Luke Rockhold claims “I’m not done” after getting his teeth cracked at BKFC 41

Luke Rockhold just doesn’t seem to get his hand raised when he enters any ring to fight anymore. The former middleweight champion last earned a victory in September 2017. Rockhold made his return post UFC at Bare Knuckle Championship 41 which took place this past weekend against another former UFC fighter Mike ‘Platinum’ Perry.

The fight and the new bare knuckle concept didn’t fully suit Rockhold as he suffered a defeat in the second round. In the first two rounds, Perry significantly hurt Rockhold, who indicated his end of the fight by taking out his mouthpiece. After the fight Rockhold made sure to clear the air on his retirement.

He said “Well, f***. What can I say? You can check bare knuckle off the list. It’s some crazy shit. Those little knuckles got me, square on the front two [teeth]. Maybe a beard, maybe a better mouthpiece. It’s a good fight. It’s a shame it had to end that way. Motherf***** Mike, you tough bastard. Congrats. Thanks to my sponsors. Thank the people. I’m not done. Some gloves would be nice, though.”

Luke Rockhold was not treated very respectfully by Perry right from the beginning of the fight. Rockhold made effective use of his length, so he ought to have. Despite this, Perry’s canine nature gained him the victory since the former UFC champ had enough after having his teeth shattered by Perry who kept moving forward swinging wildly.

Rockhold’s heart shouldn’t be questioned for resigning when he did since his teeth were an utter mess.

What’s next for Luke Rockhold

Rockhold, a former middleweight champion of the UFC, departed the organization after retiring and re-retiring after suffering his third consecutive defeat against Paulo Costa.

Although it didn’t appear likely that he would join another MMA organization, he chose to take a break from MMA and compete in bare-knuckle boxing, taking on Perry, another former UFC fighter, at BKFC 41 in Colorado.

Paulo Costa punches Luke Rockhold

As Rockhold himself assured that he ain’t going anywhere anytime soon but also wished to add some ‘gloves’. Does that mean we can see the 38-year-old once again in the UFC or any other MMA organization like ONE FC or Bellator?

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