David Feldman claims UFC star Conor McGregor and his appearance at BKFC 41 provided invaluable exposure for his company.

Conor McGregor and his surprise appearance at the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC) 41 on Saturday, April 30th, has been the talk of the combat sports realm. Due to the former two-division UFC champion’s attendance at the event, the organization has seen a considerable increase in visibility.

Conor McGregor

At BKFC 41, Conor McGregor Steals the Show with an Epic Stare-Down in a Go-Viral Moment.

BKFC President David Feldman was ecstatic about McGregor’s appearance and the buzz that followed it. The “Mystic Mac” McGregor’s arrival stole the stage, despite the event’s main draws including Luke Rockhold vs. Mike Perry and Eddie Alvarez vs. Chad Mendes.

McGregor arrived at the Broomfield, Colorado, 1STBANK Center and watched the final three fights from the ringside. He supported Christine Ferea, the BKFC flyweight champion, as she prepared to defend her title against Bec Rawlings.

He also observed Mendes and Alvarez, two of his past opponents, deliver an instant classic. Perry called McGregor out for a staredown shortly after knocking Rockhold down by TKO in the second round.

Conor “The Notorious” McGregor took advantage of the situation and confronted Perry in the ring while wearing a BKFC belt. Feldman was appreciative of the additional publicity the Perry vs. McGregor staredown provided to the pay-per-view event as it soon went viral.

“It’s phenomenal to have Conor McGregor here. The No. 1 talked combat sports athlete in the world jumps in the ring and challenges one of our fighters, and whether it ever happens or not doesn’t really matter,” Feldman stated in a tête-à-tête with MMA Junkie.

“The fact is, it was a viral moment for us, and the fact is when he’s talking about it, everybody else in the combat sports world is talking about it. So it was a great thing for us,” he added.

The Notorious BKFC Appearance Marks A Turning Point For The Promotion’s Growth And Future In Combat Sports

McGregor’s appearance has undoubtedly given the BKFC the exposure it needs to attract more mainstream audiences. With McGregor’s backing, the promotion, which has been gaining popularity in recent years, has soared to new heights.

The Irishman’s star power and fan base have undoubtedly increased the promotion’s visibility, and it is likely to attract more top-tier fighters to its roster in the future. McGregor said he would fight Perry and was “into this game” (bare-knuckle boxing) during an on-the-spot interview.

Although there is no confirmation yet on whether or not the fight will actually happen, the prospect of McGregor competing in the BKFC has already generated massive buzz. Conor McGregor’s debut at BKFC 41 has changed the promotion, to put it in perspective.

The former UFC champion’s presence has given the BKFC some much needed exposure it needs to attract new audiences and top-tier fighters. The BKFC hopes to become a big force in the combat sports industry, and we can anticipate seeing more thrilling fights and viral moments from the organization in the future.

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